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The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Hans Leidekker (for CodeWeavers)

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UpdSpCloseFileQueue (forward to SetupCloseFileQueue in setupapi)

UpdSpCloseInfFile (forward to SetupCloseInfFile in setupapi)

UpdSpCommitFileQueueA (forward to SetupCommitFileQueueA in setupapi)

UpdSpCommitFileQueueW (forward to SetupCommitFileQueueW in setupapi)

UpdSpCopyErrorA (forward to SetupCopyErrorA in setupapi)

UpdSpCopyErrorW (forward to SetupCopyErrorW in setupapi)

UpdSpDecompressOrCopyFileA (forward to SetupDecompressOrCopyFileA in setupapi)

UpdSpDecompressOrCopyFileW (forward to SetupDecompressOrCopyFileW in setupapi)

UpdSpDefaultQueueCallbackA (forward to SetupDefaultQueueCallbackA in setupapi)

UpdSpDefaultQueueCallbackW (forward to SetupDefaultQueueCallbackW in setupapi)

UpdSpDeleteErrorA (forward to SetupDeleteErrorA in setupapi)

UpdSpDeleteErrorW (forward to SetupDeleteErrorW in setupapi)

UpdSpEnumInfSectionsA (forward to SetupEnumInfSectionsA in setupapi)

UpdSpEnumInfSectionsW (forward to SetupEnumInfSectionsW in setupapi)

UpdSpFindFirstLineA (forward to SetupFindFirstLineA in setupapi)

UpdSpFindFirstLineW (forward to SetupFindFirstLineW in setupapi)

UpdSpFindNextLine (forward to SetupFindNextLine in setupapi)

UpdSpFindNextMatchLineA (forward to SetupFindNextMatchLineA in setupapi)

UpdSpFindNextMatchLineW (forward to SetupFindNextMatchLineW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetBinaryField (forward to SetupGetBinaryField in setupapi)

UpdSpGetFieldCount (forward to SetupGetFieldCount in setupapi)

UpdSpGetIntField (forward to SetupGetIntField in setupapi)

UpdSpGetLineByIndexA (forward to SetupGetLineByIndexA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetLineByIndexW (forward to SetupGetLineByIndexW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetLineCountA (forward to SetupGetLineCountA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetLineCountW (forward to SetupGetLineCountW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetLineTextA (forward to SetupGetLineTextA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetLineTextW (forward to SetupGetLineTextW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetMultiSzFieldA (forward to SetupGetMultiSzFieldA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetMultiSzFieldW (forward to SetupGetMultiSzFieldW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetSourceFileLocationA (forward to SetupGetSourceFileLocationA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetSourceFileLocationW (forward to SetupGetSourceFileLocationW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetSourceInfoA (forward to SetupGetSourceInfoA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetSourceInfoW (forward to SetupGetSourceInfoW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetStringFieldA (forward to SetupGetStringFieldA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetStringFieldW (forward to SetupGetStringFieldW in setupapi)

UpdSpGetTargetPathA (forward to SetupGetTargetPathA in setupapi)

UpdSpGetTargetPathW (forward to SetupGetTargetPathW in setupapi)

UpdSpInitDefaultQueueCallback (forward to SetupInitDefaultQueueCallback in setupapi)

UpdSpInitDefaultQueueCallbackEx (forward to SetupInitDefaultQueueCallbackEx in setupapi)

UpdSpInstallFilesFromInfSectionA (forward to SetupInstallFilesFromInfSectionA in setupapi)

UpdSpInstallFilesFromInfSectionW (forward to SetupInstallFilesFromInfSectionW in setupapi)

UpdSpInstallFromInfSectionA (forward to SetupInstallFromInfSectionA in setupapi)

UpdSpInstallFromInfSectionW (forward to SetupInstallFromInfSectionW in setupapi)

UpdSpIterateCabinetA (forward to SetupIterateCabinetA in setupapi)

UpdSpIterateCabinetW (forward to SetupIterateCabinetW in setupapi)

UpdSpOpenAppendInfFileA (forward to SetupOpenAppendInfFileA in setupapi)

UpdSpOpenAppendInfFileW (forward to SetupOpenAppendInfFileW in setupapi)

UpdSpOpenFileQueue (forward to SetupOpenFileQueue in setupapi)

UpdSpOpenInfFileA (forward to SetupOpenInfFileA in setupapi)

UpdSpOpenInfFileW (forward to SetupOpenInfFileW in setupapi)

UpdSpPromptForDiskA (forward to SetupPromptForDiskA in setupapi)

UpdSpPromptForDiskW (forward to SetupPromptForDiskW in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueCopyA (forward to SetupQueueCopyA in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueCopySectionA (forward to SetupQueueCopySectionA in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueCopySectionW (forward to SetupQueueCopySectionW in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueCopyW (forward to SetupQueueCopyW in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueDeleteA (forward to SetupQueueDeleteA in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueDeleteSectionA (forward to SetupQueueDeleteSectionA in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueDeleteSectionW (forward to SetupQueueDeleteSectionW in setupapi)

UpdSpQueueDeleteW (forward to SetupQueueDeleteW in setupapi)

UpdSpScanFileQueueA (forward to SetupScanFileQueueA in setupapi)

UpdSpScanFileQueueW (forward to SetupScanFileQueueW in setupapi)

UpdSpSetDirectoryIdA (forward to SetupSetDirectoryIdA in setupapi)

UpdSpSetDirectoryIdW (forward to SetupSetDirectoryIdW in setupapi)

UpdSpSetDynamicStringA (not documented)

UpdSpSetDynamicStringExA (stub)

UpdSpSetDynamicStringExW (stub)

UpdSpSetDynamicStringW (stub)

UpdSpStringTableAddString (forward to StringTableAddString in setupapi)

UpdSpStringTableAddStringEx (forward to StringTableAddStringEx in setupapi)

UpdSpStringTableDestroy (forward to StringTableDestroy in setupapi)

UpdSpStringTableEnum (stub)

UpdSpStringTableInitialize (forward to StringTableInitialize in setupapi)

UpdSpStringTableInitializeEx (forward to StringTableInitializeEx in setupapi)

UpdSpStringTableLookUpString (forward to StringTableLookUpString in setupapi)

UpdSpStringTableLookUpStringEx (forward to StringTableLookUpStringEx in setupapi)

UpdSpTermDefaultQueueCallback (forward to SetupTermDefaultQueueCallback in setupapi)

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