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Stubs: 19

Functions: 2

Exports-Total: 21

Implemented-Total: 2 (9%)

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The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Alex Henrie

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Tbsi_Create_Attestation_From_Log (stub)

Tbsi_Get_TCG_Logs (stub)

GetDeviceID (stub)

GetDeviceIDString (stub)

GetDeviceIDWithTimeout (stub)

Tbsi_Context_Create (not documented)

Tbsi_Create_Windows_Key (stub)

Tbsi_FilterLog (stub)

Tbsi_GetDeviceInfo (not documented)

Tbsi_Get_OwnerAuth (stub)

Tbsi_Get_TCG_Log (stub)

Tbsi_Get_TCG_Log_Ex (stub)

Tbsi_Physical_Presence_Command (stub)

Tbsi_Revoke_Attestation (stub)

Tbsi_ShaHash (stub)

Tbsip_Cancel_Commands (stub)

Tbsip_Context_Close (stub)

Tbsip_Submit_Command (stub)

Tbsip_Submit_Command_NonBlocking (stub)

Tbsip_TestInterruptInformation (stub)

Tbsip_TestMorBit (stub)

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