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Variables: 0

Stubs: 3

Functions: 16

Exports-Total: 22

Implemented-Total: 19 (86%)

Documented-Total: 0 (0%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Jacek Caban (for CodeWeavers), Mike McCormack (for CodeWeavers), Piotr Caban (for CodeWeavers)

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AccessibleChildren (not documented)

AccessibleObjectFromEvent (stub)

AccessibleObjectFromPoint (not documented)

AccessibleObjectFromWindow (not documented)

CreateStdAccessibleObject (not documented)

CreateStdAccessibleProxyA (stub)

CreateStdAccessibleProxyW (stub)

DllGetClassObject (not documented)

DllRegisterServer (not documented)

DllUnregisterServer (not documented)

GetOleaccVersionInfo (not documented)

GetProcessHandleFromHwnd (not documented)

GetRoleTextA (not documented)

GetRoleTextW (not documented)

GetStateTextA (not documented)

GetStateTextW (not documented)

IID_IAccessible (extern)

IID_IAccessibleHandler (extern)

LIBID_Accessibility (extern)

LresultFromObject (not documented)

ObjectFromLresult (not documented)

WindowFromAccessibleObject (not documented)

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