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Stubs: 32

Functions: 136

Exports-Total: 301

Implemented-Total: 269 (89%)

Documented-Total: 45 (33%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Abey George, Adam Martinson (for CodeWeavers), Corel Corporation, Eric Kohl, Francis Beaudet, Huw D M Davies (for CodeWeavers), John K. Hohm, Juan Lang, Juergen Schmied, Justin Bradford, Marcus Meissner, Martin von Loewis, Mike Hearn, Mike McCormack, Noel Borthwick, Noomen Hamza, Ove Kåven, Rob Shearman, Robert Shearman, Sylvain St-Germain, Thuy Nguyen, Vincent Povirk (for CodeWeavers)

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.



CLIPFORMAT_UserFree (forward to CLIPFORMAT_UserFree in combase)

CLIPFORMAT_UserMarshal (forward to CLIPFORMAT_UserMarshal in combase)

CLIPFORMAT_UserSize (forward to CLIPFORMAT_UserSize in combase)

CLIPFORMAT_UserUnmarshal (forward to CLIPFORMAT_UserUnmarshal in combase)

CLSIDFromProgID (forward to CLSIDFromProgID in combase)

CLSIDFromProgIDEx (forward to CLSIDFromProgIDEx in combase)

CLSIDFromString (forward to CLSIDFromString in combase)

CoAddRefServerProcess (forward to CoAddRefServerProcess in combase)

CoAllowSetForegroundWindow (not documented)


CoCopyProxy (forward to CoCopyProxy in combase)

CoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler (forward to CoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler in combase)

CoCreateGuid (forward to CoCreateGuid in combase)

CoCreateInstance (forward to CoCreateInstance in combase)

CoCreateInstanceEx (forward to CoCreateInstanceEx in combase)

CoCreateInstanceFromApp (forward to CoCreateInstanceFromApp in combase)

CoDecrementMTAUsage (forward to CoDecrementMTAUsage in combase)

CoDisableCallCancellation (forward to CoDisableCallCancellation in combase)

CoDisconnectObject (forward to CoDisconnectObject in combase)

CoDosDateTimeToFileTime (forward to DosDateTimeToFileTime in kernel32)

CoEnableCallCancellation (forward to CoEnableCallCancellation in combase)

CoFileTimeNow (forward to CoFileTimeNow in combase)

CoFileTimeToDosDateTime (forward to FileTimeToDosDateTime in kernel32)



CoFreeUnusedLibraries (forward to CoFreeUnusedLibraries in combase)

CoFreeUnusedLibrariesEx (forward to CoFreeUnusedLibrariesEx in combase)

CoGetActivationState (forward to CoGetActivationState in combase)

CoGetApartmentType (forward to CoGetApartmentType in combase)

CoGetCallContext (forward to CoGetCallContext in combase)

CoGetCallState (forward to CoGetCallState in combase)

CoGetCallerTID (forward to CoGetCallerTID in combase)

CoGetClassObject (forward to CoGetClassObject in combase)

CoGetContextToken (forward to CoGetContextToken in combase)

CoGetCurrentLogicalThreadId (forward to CoGetCurrentLogicalThreadId in combase)

CoGetCurrentProcess (forward to CoGetCurrentProcess in combase)

CoGetDefaultContext (forward to CoGetDefaultContext in combase)

CoGetInstanceFromFile (forward to CoGetInstanceFromFile in combase)

CoGetInstanceFromIStorage (forward to CoGetInstanceFromIStorage in combase)

CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream (forward to CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream in combase)

CoGetMalloc (forward to CoGetMalloc in combase)

CoGetMarshalSizeMax (forward to CoGetMarshalSizeMax in combase)


CoGetObjectContext (forward to CoGetObjectContext in combase)

CoGetPSClsid (forward to CoGetPSClsid in combase)

CoGetStandardMarshal (forward to CoGetStandardMarshal in combase)


CoGetTIDFromIPID (stub)

CoGetTreatAsClass (forward to CoGetTreatAsClass in combase)

CoImpersonateClient (forward to CoImpersonateClient in combase)

CoIncrementMTAUsage (forward to CoIncrementMTAUsage in combase)


CoInitializeEx (forward to CoInitializeEx in combase)

CoInitializeSecurity (forward to CoInitializeSecurity in combase)

CoInitializeWOW (forward to CoInitializeWOW in combase)

CoIsHandlerConnected (forward to CoIsHandlerConnected in combase)



CoLockObjectExternal (forward to CoLockObjectExternal in combase)

CoMarshalHresult (forward to CoMarshalHresult in combase)

CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream (forward to CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream in combase)

CoMarshalInterface (forward to CoMarshalInterface in combase)

CoQueryAuthenticationServices (stub)

CoQueryClientBlanket (forward to CoQueryClientBlanket in combase)

CoQueryProxyBlanket (forward to CoQueryProxyBlanket in combase)

CoQueryReleaseObject (stub)

CoRegisterChannelHook (forward to CoRegisterChannelHook in combase)

CoRegisterClassObject (forward to CoRegisterClassObject in combase)

CoRegisterInitializeSpy (forward to CoRegisterInitializeSpy in combase)

CoRegisterMallocSpy (forward to CoRegisterMallocSpy in combase)

CoRegisterMessageFilter (forward to CoRegisterMessageFilter in combase)

CoRegisterPSClsid (forward to CoRegisterPSClsid in combase)

CoRegisterSurrogate (forward to CoRegisterSurrogate in combase)

CoRegisterSurrogateEx (forward to CoRegisterSurrogateEx in combase)

CoReleaseMarshalData (forward to CoReleaseMarshalData in combase)

CoReleaseServerProcess (forward to CoReleaseServerProcess in combase)

CoResumeClassObjects (forward to CoResumeClassObjects in combase)

CoRevertToSelf (forward to CoRevertToSelf in combase)

CoRevokeClassObject (forward to CoRevokeClassObject in combase)

CoRevokeInitializeSpy (forward to CoRevokeInitializeSpy in combase)

CoRevokeMallocSpy (forward to CoRevokeMallocSpy in combase)

CoSetProxyBlanket (forward to CoSetProxyBlanket in combase)


CoSuspendClassObjects (forward to CoSuspendClassObjects in combase)

CoSwitchCallContext (forward to CoSwitchCallContext in combase)

CoTaskMemAlloc (forward to CoTaskMemAlloc in combase)

CoTaskMemFree (forward to CoTaskMemFree in combase)

CoTaskMemRealloc (forward to CoTaskMemRealloc in combase)


CoUninitialize (forward to CoUninitialize in combase)

CoUnloadingWOW (stub)

CoUnmarshalHresult (forward to CoUnmarshalHresult in combase)

CoUnmarshalInterface (forward to CoUnmarshalInterface in combase)

CoWaitForMultipleHandles (forward to CoWaitForMultipleHandles in combase)

CreateAntiMoniker (not documented)

CreateBindCtx (not documented)

CreateClassMoniker (not documented)

CreateDataAdviseHolder (not documented)


CreateErrorInfo (forward to CreateErrorInfo in combase)

CreateFileMoniker (not documented)

CreateGenericComposite (not documented)


CreateItemMoniker (not documented)

CreateObjrefMoniker (not documented)

CreateOleAdviseHolder (not documented)

CreatePointerMoniker (not documented)

CreateStreamOnHGlobal (forward to CreateStreamOnHGlobal in combase)

DestroyRunningObjectTable (not documented)

DllDebugObjectRPCHook (forward to DllDebugObjectRPCHook in combase)

DllGetClassObject (not documented)

DllGetClassObjectWOW (stub)

DllRegisterServer (not documented)

DllUnregisterServer (not documented)

DoDragDrop (not documented)

EnableHookObject (stub)


FreePropVariantArray (forward to FreePropVariantArray in combase)


GetConvertStg (not documented)

GetDocumentBitStg (stub)

GetErrorInfo (forward to GetErrorInfo in combase)


GetHGlobalFromStream (forward to GetHGlobalFromStream in combase)

GetHookInterface (stub)

GetRunningObjectTable (not documented)

HACCEL_UserFree (forward to HACCEL_UserFree in combase)

HACCEL_UserMarshal (forward to HACCEL_UserMarshal in combase)

HACCEL_UserSize (forward to HACCEL_UserSize in combase)

HACCEL_UserUnmarshal (forward to HACCEL_UserUnmarshal in combase)

HBITMAP_UserFree (forward to HBITMAP_UserFree in combase)

HBITMAP_UserMarshal (forward to HBITMAP_UserMarshal in combase)

HBITMAP_UserSize (forward to HBITMAP_UserSize in combase)

HBITMAP_UserUnmarshal (forward to HBITMAP_UserUnmarshal in combase)

HBRUSH_UserFree (forward to HBRUSH_UserFree in combase)

HBRUSH_UserMarshal (forward to HBRUSH_UserMarshal in combase)

HBRUSH_UserSize (forward to HBRUSH_UserSize in combase)

HBRUSH_UserUnmarshal (forward to HBRUSH_UserUnmarshal in combase)

HDC_UserFree (forward to HDC_UserFree in combase)

HDC_UserMarshal (forward to HDC_UserMarshal in combase)

HDC_UserSize (forward to HDC_UserSize in combase)

HDC_UserUnmarshal (forward to HDC_UserUnmarshal in combase)





HGLOBAL_UserFree (forward to HGLOBAL_UserFree in combase)

HGLOBAL_UserMarshal (forward to HGLOBAL_UserMarshal in combase)

HGLOBAL_UserSize (forward to HGLOBAL_UserSize in combase)

HGLOBAL_UserUnmarshal (forward to HGLOBAL_UserUnmarshal in combase)

HICON_UserFree (forward to HICON_UserFree in combase)

HICON_UserMarshal (forward to HICON_UserMarshal in combase)

HICON_UserSize (forward to HICON_UserSize in combase)

HICON_UserUnmarshal (forward to HICON_UserUnmarshal in combase)

HMENU_UserFree (forward to HMENU_UserFree in combase)

HMENU_UserMarshal (forward to HMENU_UserMarshal in combase)

HMENU_UserSize (forward to HMENU_UserSize in combase)

HMENU_UserUnmarshal (forward to HMENU_UserUnmarshal in combase)









HPALETTE_UserFree (forward to HPALETTE_UserFree in combase)

HPALETTE_UserMarshal (forward to HPALETTE_UserMarshal in combase)

HPALETTE_UserSize (forward to HPALETTE_UserSize in combase)

HPALETTE_UserUnmarshal (forward to HPALETTE_UserUnmarshal in combase)

HWND_UserFree (forward to HWND_UserFree in combase)

HWND_UserMarshal (forward to HWND_UserMarshal in combase)

HWND_UserSize (forward to HWND_UserSize in combase)

HWND_UserUnmarshal (forward to HWND_UserUnmarshal in combase)

IIDFromString (forward to IIDFromString in combase)

I_RemoteMain (stub)

IsAccelerator (not documented)


IsValidIid (stub)


IsValidPtrIn (stub)

IsValidPtrOut (stub)

MkParseDisplayName (not documented)

MonikerCommonPrefixWith (not documented)

MonikerRelativePathTo (stub)

Ole32DllGetClassObject (not documented)

OleBuildVersion (not documented)

OleConvertIStorageToOLESTREAM (not documented)

OleConvertIStorageToOLESTREAMEx (not documented)

OleConvertOLESTREAMToIStorage (not documented)

OleConvertOLESTREAMToIStorageEx (stub)

OleCreate (not documented)

OleCreateDefaultHandler (not documented)

OleCreateEmbeddingHelper (not documented)

OleCreateEx (stub)

OleCreateFromData (not documented)

OleCreateFromDataEx (not documented)

OleCreateFromFile (not documented)

OleCreateFromFileEx (not documented)

OleCreateLink (not documented)

OleCreateLinkEx (stub)

OleCreateLinkFromData (not documented)

OleCreateLinkFromDataEx (stub)

OleCreateLinkToFile (not documented)

OleCreateLinkToFileEx (stub)

OleCreateMenuDescriptor (not documented)

OleCreateStaticFromData (not documented)

OleDestroyMenuDescriptor (not documented)

OleDoAutoConvert (not documented)

OleDraw (not documented)

OleDuplicateData (not documented)

OleFlushClipboard (not documented)

OleGetAutoConvert (not documented)

OleGetClipboard (not documented)

OleGetIconOfClass (not documented)

OleGetIconOfFile (not documented)

OleInitialize (not documented)

OleInitializeWOW (not documented)

OleIsCurrentClipboard (not documented)

OleIsRunning (not documented)

OleLoad (not documented)

OleLoadFromStream (not documented)

OleLockRunning (not documented)

OleMetafilePictFromIconAndLabel (not documented)

OleNoteObjectVisible (not documented)

OleQueryCreateFromData (not documented)

OleQueryLinkFromData (not documented)

OleRegEnumFormatEtc (not documented)


OleRegGetMiscStatus (not documented)

OleRegGetUserType (not documented)


OleSave (not documented)

OleSaveToStream (not documented)

OleSetAutoConvert (not documented)


OleSetContainedObject (not documented)


OleTranslateAccelerator (not documented)

OleUninitialize (not documented)

OpenOrCreateStream (stub)

ProgIDFromCLSID (forward to ProgIDFromCLSID in combase)


PropSysAllocString (not documented)

PropSysFreeString (not documented)

PropVariantClear (forward to PropVariantClear in combase)

PropVariantCopy (forward to PropVariantCopy in combase)



ReadFmtUserTypeStg (not documented)

ReadOleStg (stub)

ReadStringStream (stub)

RegisterDragDrop (not documented)

ReleaseStgMedium (not documented)

RevokeDragDrop (not documented)

SNB_UserFree (not documented)

SNB_UserMarshal (not documented)

SNB_UserSize (not documented)

SNB_UserUnmarshal (not documented)





SetConvertStg (not documented)

SetDocumentBitStg (stub)

SetErrorInfo (forward to SetErrorInfo in combase)

StgConvertPropertyToVariant (not documented)

StgConvertVariantToProperty (not documented)


StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes (not documented)

StgCreatePropSetStg (not documented)

StgCreatePropStg (not documented)

StgCreateStorageEx (not documented)

StgGetIFillLockBytesOnFile (stub)

StgGetIFillLockBytesOnILockBytes (stub)


StgIsStorageILockBytes (not documented)

StgOpenAsyncDocfileOnIFillLockBytes (stub)

StgOpenPropStg (not documented)

StgOpenStorage (not documented)

StgOpenStorageEx (not documented)

StgOpenStorageOnILockBytes (not documented)

StgSetTimes (not documented)

StringFromCLSID (forward to StringFromCLSID in combase)

StringFromGUID2 (forward to StringFromGUID2 in combase)

StringFromIID (forward to StringFromIID in combase)

UpdateDCOMSettings (stub)

UtConvertDvtd16toDvtd32 (stub)

UtConvertDvtd32toDvtd16 (stub)

UtGetDvtd16Info (stub)

UtGetDvtd32Info (stub)

WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree (forward to WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree in combase)

WdtpInterfacePointer_UserMarshal (forward to WdtpInterfacePointer_UserMarshal in combase)

WdtpInterfacePointer_UserSize (forward to WdtpInterfacePointer_UserSize in combase)

WdtpInterfacePointer_UserUnmarshal (forward to WdtpInterfacePointer_UserUnmarshal in combase)

WriteClassStg (not documented)


WriteFmtUserTypeStg (not documented)

WriteOleStg (stub)

WriteStringStream (stub)

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