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Stubs: 95

Functions: 1

Exports-Total: 96

Implemented-Total: 1 (1%)

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The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Alexandre Julliard, Rein Klazes

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.


MSNET32_1 (stub)

MSNET32_2 (stub)

MSNET32_3 (stub)

MSNET32_4 (stub)

MSNET32_5 (stub)

MSNET32_6 (stub)

MSNET32_7 (stub)

MSNET32_8 (stub)

MSNET32_9 (stub)

MSNET32_10 (stub)

MSNET32_11 (stub)

MSNET32_12 (stub)

MSNET32_13 (stub)

MSNET32_14 (stub)

MSNET32_15 (stub)

MSNET32_16 (stub)

MSNET32_17 (stub)

MSNET32_18 (stub)

MSNET32_19 (stub)

MSNET32_20 (stub)

MSNET32_21 (stub)

MSNET32_22 (stub)

MSNET32_23 (stub)

MSNET32_24 (stub)

MSNET32_25 (stub)

MSNET32_26 (stub)

MSNET32_27 (stub)

MSNET32_28 (stub)

MSNET32_29 (stub)

MSNET32_30 (stub)

MSNET32_31 (stub)

MSNET32_32 (stub)

MSNET32_33 (stub)

MSNET32_34 (stub)

MSNET32_35 (stub)

MSNET32_36 (stub)

MSNET32_37 (stub)

MSNET32_38 (stub)

MSNET32_39 (stub)

MSNET32_40 (stub)

MSNET32_41 (stub)

MSNET32_42 (stub)

MSNET32_43 (stub)

MSNET32_44 (stub)

MSNET32_45 (stub)

MSNET32_46 (stub)

MSNET32_47 (stub)

MSNET32_48 (stub)

MSNET32_49 (stub)

MSNET32_50 (stub)

MSNET32_51 (stub)

MSNET32_52 (stub)

MSNET32_53 (stub)

MSNET32_54 (stub)

MSNET32_55 (stub)

MSNET32_56 (stub)

MSNET32_57 (not documented)

MSNET32_58 (stub)

MSNET32_59 (stub)

MSNET32_60 (stub)

MSNET32_61 (stub)

MSNET32_62 (stub)

MSNET32_63 (stub)

MSNET32_64 (stub)

MSNET32_65 (stub)

MSNET32_66 (stub)

MSNET32_67 (stub)

MSNET32_68 (stub)

MSNET32_69 (stub)

MSNET32_70 (stub)

MSNET32_71 (stub)

MSNET32_72 (stub)

MSNET32_73 (stub)

MSNET32_74 (stub)

MSNET32_75 (stub)

MSNET32_76 (stub)

MSNET32_77 (stub)

MSNET32_78 (stub)

MSNET32_79 (stub)

MSNET32_80 (stub)

MSNET32_81 (stub)

MSNET32_82 (stub)

MSNET32_83 (stub)

MSNET32_84 (stub)

MSNET32_85 (stub)

MSNET32_86 (stub)

MSNET32_87 (stub)

MSNET32_88 (stub)

MSNET32_89 (stub)

MSNET32_90 (stub)

MSNET32_91 (stub)

MSNET32_92 (stub)

MSNET32_93 (stub)

MSNET32_94 (stub)

MSNET32_95 (stub)

MSNET32_96 (stub)

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