ldap_initW  (WLDAP32.@)


 LDAP * CDECL  ldap_initW
  const PWCHAR hostname,
  ULONG        portnumber


Initialize an LDAP context and create a TCP connection.


hostname [In] Name of the host to connect to.
portnumber [In] Port number to use.


Success: Pointer to an LDAP context.

Failure: NULL.


The hostname string can be a space separated string of hostnames, in which case the LDAP runtime will try to connect to the hosts in order, until a connection can be made. A hostname may have a trailing port number (separated from the hostname by a ':'), which will take precedence over the port number supplied as a parameter to this function. The connection will not be made until the first LDAP function that needs it is called.


Declared in "winldap.h".

Implemented in "dlls/wldap32/init.c".

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