Forwards: 0

Variables: 30

Stubs: 82

Functions: 548

Exports-Total: 660

Implemented-Total: 578 (87%)

Documented-Total: 32 (5%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Alex Korobka, Alexandre Julliard, Andreas Mohr, Andrew Taylor, Eric Pouech, Erik Bos, Huw Davies, Ivan Leo Puoti, Jan Willamowius, John Burton, Jukka Heinonen, Laurent Pinchart, Marcus Meissner, Matthew Becker, Morten Welinder, Ove Kaaven, Patrik Stridvall, Petr Tomasek, Robert J. Amstadt, Sylvain St-Germain, Thomas Mertes, Ulrich Weigand, Uwe Bonnes

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.


FatalExit (stub)

ExitKernel (not documented)

GetVersion (not documented)

LocalInit (not documented)

LocalAlloc (not documented)

LocalReAlloc (not documented)

LocalFree (not documented)

LocalLock (not documented)

LocalUnlock (not documented)

LocalSize (not documented)

LocalHandle (not documented)

LocalFlags (not documented)

LocalCompact (not documented)

LocalNotify (not documented)

GlobalAlloc (implemented as GlobalAlloc16)

GlobalReAlloc (implemented as GlobalReAlloc16)

GlobalFree (implemented as GlobalFree16)

GlobalLock (not documented)

GlobalUnlock (implemented as GlobalUnlock16)

GlobalSize (implemented as GlobalSize16)

GlobalHandle (implemented as GlobalHandle16)

GlobalFlags (implemented as GlobalFlags16)

LockSegment (not documented)

UnlockSegment (not documented)

GlobalCompact (not documented)

GlobalFreeAll (not documented)

GetModuleName (not documented)

GlobalMasterHandle (not documented)

Yield (not documented)

WaitEvent (not documented)

PostEvent (not documented)

SetPriority (not documented)

LockCurrentTask (not documented)

SetTaskQueue (not documented)

GetTaskQueue (not documented)

GetCurrentTask (not documented)

GetCurrentPDB (not documented)

SetTaskSignalProc (not documented)

SetTaskSwitchProc (stub)

SetTaskInterchange (stub)

EnableDos (not documented)

DisableDos (implemented as KERNEL_nop)

IsScreenGrab (stub)

BuildPDB (stub)

LoadModule (not documented)

FreeModule (not documented)

GetModuleHandle (implemented as WIN16_GetModuleHandle)

GetModuleUsage (not documented)

GetModuleFileName (not documented)

GetProcAddress (not documented)

MakeProcInstance (not documented)

FreeProcInstance (not documented)

CallProcInstance (stub)

GetInstanceData (not documented)

Catch (not documented)

Throw (not documented)

GetProfileInt (not documented)

GetProfileString (not documented)

WriteProfileString (not documented)

FindResource (not documented)

LoadResource (not documented)

LockResource (not documented)

FreeResource (not documented)

AccessResource (not documented)

SizeofResource (not documented)

AllocResource (not documented)

SetResourceHandler (not documented)

InitAtomTable (not documented)

FindAtom (not documented)

AddAtom (implemented as AddAtom16)

DeleteAtom (not documented)

GetAtomName (not documented)

GetAtomHandle (not documented)

OpenFile (not documented)

OpenPathName (stub)

DeletePathName (stub)

Reserved1 (not documented)

Reserved2 (not documented)

Reserved3 (not documented)

Reserved4 (not documented)

_lclose (not documented)

_lread (not documented)

_lcreat (not documented)

_llseek (not documented)

_lopen (not documented)

_lwrite (not documented)

Reserved5 (not documented)

lstrcpy (not documented)

lstrcat (not documented)

lstrlen (not documented)

InitTask (not documented)

GetTempDrive (not documented)

GetCodeHandle (not documented)

DefineHandleTable (not documented)

LoadLibrary (not documented)

FreeLibrary (not documented)

GetTempFileName (not documented)

GetLastDiskChange (not documented)

GetLPErrMode (not documented)

ValidateCodeSegments (not documented)

NoHookDosCall (stub)

DOS3Call (not documented)

NetBIOSCall (not documented)

GetCodeInfo (not documented)

GetExeVersion (not documented)

SetSwapAreaSize (not documented)

SetErrorMode (not documented)

SwitchStackTo (not documented)

SwitchStackBack (not documented)

PatchCodeHandle (not documented)

GlobalWire (not documented)

GlobalUnWire (not documented)

__AHSHIFT (data)

__AHINCR (data)

OutputDebugString (not documented)

InitLib (stub)

OldYield (not documented)

GetTaskQueueDS (not documented)

GetTaskQueueES (not documented)

UndefDynLink (stub)

LocalShrink (not documented)

IsTaskLocked (not documented)

KbdRst (not documented)

EnableKernel (not documented)

DisableKernel (not documented)

MemoryFreed (stub)

GetPrivateProfileInt (not documented)

GetPrivateProfileString (not documented)

WritePrivateProfileString (not documented)

FileCDR (not documented)

GetDOSEnvironment (not documented)

GetWinFlags (not documented)

GetExePtr (not documented)

GetWindowsDirectory (not documented)

GetSystemDirectory (not documented)

GetDriveType (implemented as GetDriveType16)

FatalAppExit (not documented)

GetHeapSpaces (not documented)

DoSignal (stub)

SetSigHandler (not documented)

InitTask1 (stub)

GetProfileSectionNames (not documented)

GetPrivateProfileSectionNames (not documented)

CreateDirectory (not documented)

RemoveDirectory (not documented)

DeleteFile (not documented)

SetLastError (not documented)

GetLastError (not documented)

GetVersionEx (not documented)

DirectedYield (not documented)

WinOldApCall (stub)

GetNumTasks (not documented)

GlobalNotify (not documented)

GetTaskDS (not documented)

LimitEMSPages (not documented)

GetCurPID (not documented)

IsWinOldApTask (not documented)

GlobalHandleNoRIP (not documented)

EMSCopy (stub)

LocalCountFree (not documented)

LocalHeapSize (not documented)

GlobalLRUOldest (not documented)

GlobalLRUNewest (not documented)

A20Proc (not documented)

WinExec (not documented)

GetExpWinVer (not documented)

DirectResAlloc (not documented)

GetFreeSpace (not documented)

AllocCStoDSAlias (not documented)

AllocDStoCSAlias (not documented)

AllocAlias (implemented as AllocCStoDSAlias16)

__ROMBIOS (data)

__A000H (data)

AllocSelector (not documented)

FreeSelector (not documented)

PrestoChangoSelector (not documented)

__WINFLAGS (data)

__D000H (data)

LongPtrAdd (not documented)

__B000H (data)

__B800H (data)

__0000H (data)

GlobalDOSAlloc (implemented as GlobalDOSAlloc16)

GlobalDOSFree (implemented as GlobalDOSFree16)

GetSelectorBase (not documented)

SetSelectorBase (not documented)

GetSelectorLimit (not documented)

SetSelectorLimit (not documented)

__E000H (data)

GlobalPageLock (not documented)

GlobalPageUnlock (not documented)

__0040H (data)

__F000H (data)

__C000H (data)

SelectorAccessRights (not documented)

GlobalFix (not documented)

GlobalUnfix (not documented)

SetHandleCount (not documented)

ValidateFreeSpaces (not documented)

ReplaceInst (stub)

RegisterPtrace (stub)

DebugBreak (not documented)

SwapRecording (stub)

CVWBreak (stub)

AllocSelectorArray (not documented)

IsDBCSLeadByte (not documented)

K208 (not documented)

K209 (not documented)

K210 (not documented)

K211 (not documented)

K213 (not documented)

K214 (not documented)

K215 (not documented)

RegEnumKey (not documented)

RegOpenKey (not documented)

RegCreateKey (not documented)

RegDeleteKey (not documented)

RegCloseKey (not documented)

RegSetValue (not documented)

RegDeleteValue (not documented)

RegEnumValue (not documented)

RegQueryValue (not documented)

RegQueryValueEx (not documented)

RegSetValueEx (not documented)

RegFlushKey (not documented)

K228 (not documented)

K229 (not documented)

GlobalSmartPageLock (not documented)

GlobalSmartPageUnlock (not documented)

RegLoadKey (stub)

RegUnloadKey (stub)

RegSaveKey (stub)

InvalidateNlsCache (stub)

GetProductName (stub)

K237 (not documented)

WOWWaitForMsgAndEvent (stub)

WOWMsgBox (stub)

K273 (stub)

GetShortPathName (not documented)

LocalHandleDelta (not documented)

GetSetKernelDOSProc (not documented)

DebugDefineSegment (stub)

WriteOutProfiles (not documented)

GetFreeMemInfo (not documented)

FatalExitHook (stub)

FlushCachedFileHandle (stub)

IsTask (not documented)

IsRomModule (not documented)

LogError (not documented)

LogParamError (not documented)

IsRomFile (not documented)

K327 (not documented)

_DebugOutput (not documented)

K329 (not documented)

THHOOK (data)

IsBadReadPtr (not documented)

IsBadWritePtr (not documented)

IsBadCodePtr (not documented)

IsBadStringPtr (not documented)

HasGPHandler (not documented)

DiagQuery (not documented)

DiagOutput (not documented)

ToolHelpHook (not documented)

__GP (data)

RegisterWinOldApHook (stub)

GetWinOldApHooks (stub)

IsSharedSelector (not documented)

IsBadHugeReadPtr (not documented)

IsBadHugeWritePtr (not documented)

hmemcpy (not documented)

_hread (not documented)

_hwrite (not documented)

BUNNY_351 (not documented)

lstrcatn (not documented)

lstrcpyn (not documented)

GetAppCompatFlags (not documented)

GetWinDebugInfo (not documented)

SetWinDebugInfo (not documented)

MapSL (not documented)

MapLS (not documented)

UnMapLS (not documented)

OpenFileEx (implemented as OpenFile16)

PIGLET_361 (not documented)

ThunkTerminateProcess (stub)

GlobalChangeLockCount (not documented)

FarSetOwner (not documented)

FarGetOwner (not documented)

WritePrivateProfileStruct (not documented)

GetPrivateProfileStruct (not documented)

KERNEL_408 (stub)

KERNEL_409 (stub)

CreateProcessFromWinExec (stub)

GetCurrentDirectory (not documented)

SetCurrentDirectory (not documented)

FindFirstFile (not documented)

FindNextFile (not documented)

FindClose (not documented)

WritePrivateProfileSection (not documented)

WriteProfileSection (not documented)

GetPrivateProfileSection (not documented)

GetProfileSection (not documented)

GetFileAttributes (not documented)

SetFileAttributes (not documented)

GetDiskFreeSpace (not documented)

LogApiThk (not documented)

IsPeFormat (implemented as IsPeFormat16)

FileTimeToLocalFileTime (stub)

UnicodeToAnsi (not documented)

GetTaskFlags (stub)

_ConfirmSysLevel (not documented)

_CheckNotSysLevel (not documented)

_CreateSysLevel (not documented)

_EnterSysLevel (not documented)

_LeaveSysLevel (not documented)

CreateThread16 (not documented)

VWin32_EventCreate (not documented)

VWin32_EventDestroy (not documented)

Local32Info (not documented)

Local32First (not documented)

Local32Next (not documented)

WIN32_OldYield (not documented)

KERNEL_448 (stub)

GetpWin16Lock (not documented)

VWin32_EventWait (not documented)

VWin32_EventSet (not documented)

LoadLibrary32 (not documented)

GetProcAddress32 (not documented)

__FLATCS (data)

__FLATDS (data)

DefResourceHandler (not documented)

CreateW32Event (not documented)

SetW32Event (not documented)

ResetW32Event (not documented)

WaitForSingleObject (not documented)

WaitForMultipleObjects (not documented)

GetCurrentThreadId (not documented)

SetThreadQueue (not documented)

GetThreadQueue (not documented)

NukeProcess (stub)

ExitProcess (not documented)

WOACreateConsole (stub)

WOASpawnConApp (stub)

WOAGimmeTitle (stub)

WOADestroyConsole (stub)

GetCurrentProcessId (not documented)

MapHInstLS (not documented)

MapHInstSL (not documented)

CloseW32Handle (not documented)

GetTEBSelectorFS (not documented)

ConvertToGlobalHandle (not documented)

WOAFullScreen (stub)

WOATerminateProcess (stub)

KERNEL_479 (implemented as VWin32_EventSet)

_EnterWin16Lock (not documented)

_LeaveWin16Lock (not documented)

LoadSystemLibrary32 (implemented as LoadLibrary32_16)

MapProcessHandle (not documented)

SetProcessDword (not documented)

GetProcessDword (not documented)

FreeLibrary32 (not documented)

GetModuleFileName32 (not documented)

GetModuleHandle32 (not documented)

KERNEL_489 (stub)

KERNEL_490 (not documented)

RegisterServiceProcess (not documented)

WOAAbort (stub)

UTInit (not documented)

KERNEL_494 (stub)

WaitForMultipleObjectsEx (not documented)

WOW16Call (not documented)











LoadLibraryEx32W (not documented)

FreeLibrary32W (not documented)

GetProcAddress32W (not documented)

GetVDMPointer32W (not documented)

CallProc32W (not documented)

_CallProcEx32W (not documented)


__MOD_KERNEL (data)

__MOD_DKERNEL (data)

__MOD_USER (data)

__MOD_DUSER (data)

__MOD_GDI (data)

__MOD_DGDI (data)


__MOD_SOUND (data)

__MOD_SHELL (data)

__MOD_WINSOCK (data)


__MOD_MMEDIA (data)

__MOD_COMMDLG (data)



ConvertDDEHandleLS (stub)

ConvertDDEHandleSL (stub)

VWin32_BoostThreadGroup (not documented)

VWin32_BoostThreadStatic (not documented)

KERNEL_537 (stub)

ThunkTheTemplateHandle (stub)

KERNEL_540 (stub)

KERNEL_542 (stub)

KERNEL_543 (stub)

SetThunkletCallbackGlue (not documented)

AllocLSThunkletCallback (not documented)

AllocSLThunkletCallback (not documented)

FindLSThunkletCallback (not documented)

FindSLThunkletCallback (not documented)

KERNEL_566 (stub)

AllocLSThunkletCallbackEx (not documented)

AllocSLThunkletCallbackEx (not documented)

AllocCodeAlias (stub)

FreeCodeAlias (stub)

GetDummyModuleHandleDS (not documented)

KERNEL_603 (stub)

CBClientGlueSL (not documented)

AllocSLThunkletCallback_dup (implemented as AllocSLThunkletCallback16)

AllocLSThunkletCallback_dup (implemented as AllocLSThunkletCallback16)

AllocLSThunkletSysthunk (not documented)

AllocSLThunkletSysthunk (not documented)

FindLSThunkletCallback_dup (implemented as FindLSThunkletCallback)

FindSLThunkletCallback_dup (implemented as FindSLThunkletCallback)

FreeThunklet (not documented)

IsSLThunklet (not documented)

HugeMapLS (stub)

HugeUnMapLS (stub)

ConvertDialog32To16 (not documented)

ConvertMenu32To16 (not documented)

GetMenu32Size (not documented)

GetDialog32Size (not documented)

RegisterCBClient (not documented)

CBClientThunkSL (not documented)

CBClientThunkSLEx (not documented)

UnRegisterCBClient (not documented)

InitCBClient (not documented)

SetFastQueue (not documented)

GetFastQueue (not documented)

SmashEnvironment (stub)

IsBadFlatReadWritePtr (not documented)

C16ThkSL (not documented)

C16ThkSL01 (not documented)

ThunkConnect16 (not documented)

IsThreadId (stub)

OkWithKernelToChangeUsers (stub)

UTGlue16 (not documented)

EntryAddrProc (not documented)

MyAlloc (not documented)

DllEntryPoint (not documented)

SSInit (not documented)

SSOnBigStack (stub)

SSCall (stub)

CallProc32WFix (stub)

SSConfirmSmallStack (not documented)

__wine_vxd_vmm (not documented)

__wine_vxd_timer (not documented)

__wine_vxd_reboot (not documented)

__wine_vxd_vdd (not documented)

__wine_vxd_vmd (not documented)

__wine_vxd_comm (not documented)

__wine_vxd_shell (not documented)

__wine_vxd_pagefile (not documented)

__wine_vxd_apm (not documented)

__wine_vxd_vxdloader (not documented)

__wine_vxd_win32s (not documented)

__wine_vxd_configmg (not documented)

__wine_vxd_enable (not documented)

__wine_vxd_timerapi (not documented)

VxDCall0 (not documented)

VxDCall1 (not documented)

VxDCall2 (not documented)

VxDCall3 (not documented)

VxDCall4 (not documented)

VxDCall5 (not documented)

VxDCall6 (not documented)

VxDCall7 (not documented)

VxDCall8 (not documented)

k32CharToOemA (not documented)

k32CharToOemBuffA (not documented)

k32OemToCharA (not documented)

k32OemToCharBuffA (not documented)

k32LoadStringA (not documented)

k32wsprintfA (not documented)

k32wvsprintfA (not documented)

CommonUnimpStub (not documented)

GetProcessDword (not documented)

DosFileHandleToWin32Handle (not documented)

Win32HandleToDosFileHandle (not documented)

DisposeLZ32Handle (not documented)


GlobalLock16 (not documented)








HouseCleanLogicallyDeadHandles (not documented)

GetWin16DOSEnv (not documented)



GetProcAddress16 (not documented)

AllocMappedBuffer (not documented)

FreeMappedBuffer (not documented)

OT_32ThkLSF (not documented)

ThunkInitLSF (not documented)

LogApiThkLSF (not documented)

ThunkInitLS (not documented)

LogApiThkSL (not documented)

Common32ThkLS (not documented)

ThunkInitSL (not documented)

LogCBThkSL (not documented)

ReleaseThunkLock (not documented)

RestoreThunkLock (not documented)

W32S_BackTo32 (not documented)

GetThunkBuff (not documented)

GetThunkStuff (not documented)

K32WOWCallback16 (not documented)

K32WOWCallback16Ex (not documented)

K32WOWGetVDMPointer (not documented)

K32WOWHandle32 (not documented)

K32WOWHandle16 (not documented)

K32WOWGlobalAlloc16 (not documented)

K32WOWGlobalLock16 (not documented)

K32WOWGlobalUnlock16 (not documented)

K32WOWGlobalFree16 (not documented)

K32WOWGlobalAllocLock16 (not documented)

K32WOWGlobalUnlockFree16 (not documented)

K32WOWGlobalLockSize16 (not documented)

K32WOWYield16 (not documented)

K32WOWDirectedYield16 (not documented)

K32WOWGetVDMPointerFix (not documented)

K32WOWGetVDMPointerUnfix (not documented)

K32WOWGetDescriptor (not documented)

_KERNEL32_86 (not documented)

SSOnBigStack (not documented)

SSCall (not documented)

FT_PrologPrime (not documented)

QT_ThunkPrime (not documented)

PK16FNF (not documented)

GetPK16SysVar (not documented)

GetpWin16Lock (not documented)

_CheckNotSysLevel (not documented)

_ConfirmSysLevel (not documented)

_ConfirmWin16Lock (not documented)

_EnterSysLevel (not documented)

_LeaveSysLevel (not documented)

_KERNEL32_99 (not documented)

_KERNEL32_100 (not documented)

AllocSLCallback (not documented)

FT_Exit0 (not documented)

FT_Exit12 (not documented)

FT_Exit16 (not documented)

FT_Exit20 (not documented)

FT_Exit24 (not documented)

FT_Exit28 (not documented)

FT_Exit32 (not documented)

FT_Exit36 (not documented)

FT_Exit40 (not documented)

FT_Exit44 (not documented)

FT_Exit48 (not documented)

FT_Exit4 (not documented)

FT_Exit52 (not documented)

FT_Exit56 (not documented)

FT_Exit8 (not documented)

FT_Prolog (not documented)

FT_Thunk (not documented)

FreeSLCallback (not documented)

Get16DLLAddress (not documented)

K32Thk1632Epilog (not documented)

K32Thk1632Prolog (not documented)

MapHInstLS (not documented)

MapHInstLS_PN (not documented)

MapHInstSL (not documented)

MapHInstSL_PN (not documented)

MapHModuleLS (not documented)

MapHModuleSL (not documented)

MapLS (not documented)

MapSL (not documented)

MapSLFix (not documented)

PrivateFreeLibrary (not documented)

PrivateLoadLibrary (not documented)

QT_Thunk (not documented)

SMapLS (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_12 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_16 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_20 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_24 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_28 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_32 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_36 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_40 (not documented)

SMapLS_IP_EBP_8 (not documented)

SUnMapLS (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_12 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_16 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_20 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_24 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_28 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_32 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_36 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_40 (not documented)

SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_8 (not documented)

ThunkConnect32 (not documented)

UTRegister (not documented)

UTUnRegister (not documented)

UnMapLS (not documented)

UnMapSLFixArray (not documented)

_lclose16 (not documented)

AllocSelectorArray16 (not documented)

FarGetOwner16 (not documented)

FarSetOwner16 (not documented)

FindResource16 (not documented)

FreeResource16 (not documented)

FreeSelector16 (not documented)

GetCurrentPDB16 (not documented)

GetCurrentTask (not documented)

GetDOSEnvironment16 (not documented)

GetExePtr (not documented)

GetExeVersion16 (not documented)

GetExpWinVer16 (not documented)

GetModuleHandle16 (not documented)

GetSelectorBase (not documented)

GetSelectorLimit16 (not documented)

GlobalReAlloc16 (not documented)

InitTask16 (not documented)

IsBadReadPtr16 (not documented)

IsTask16 (not documented)

LoadModule16 (not documented)

LoadResource16 (not documented)

LocalAlloc16 (not documented)

LocalInit16 (not documented)

LocalLock16 (not documented)

LocalUnlock16 (not documented)

LocalReAlloc16 (not documented)

LocalFree16 (not documented)

LocalSize16 (not documented)

LocalCompact16 (not documented)

LocalCountFree16 (not documented)

LocalHeapSize16 (not documented)

LockResource16 (not documented)

PrestoChangoSelector16 (not documented)

SetSelectorBase (not documented)

SetSelectorLimit16 (not documented)

SizeofResource16 (not documented)

WinExec16 (not documented)

__wine_call_int_handler (not documented)

__wine_call_int_handler16 (not documented)

__wine_vxd_open (not documented)

__wine_vxd_get_proc (not documented)

__wine_snoop_entry (not documented)

__wine_snoop_return (not documented)

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