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Stubs: 67

Functions: 430

Exports-Total: 499

Implemented-Total: 432 (86%)

Documented-Total: 18 (4%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

ASMUS, Albrecht Kleine, Alex Korobka, Alexandre Julliard, Andreas Mohr, Aric Stewart (for CodeWeavers), Bertho A. Stultiens, Bob Amstadt, CodeWeavers, David W. Metcalfe, Dmitry Timoshkov (for CodeWeavers), Douglas Ridgway, Hans Leidekker, Huw D M Davies (for CodeWeavers), Huw Davies, Jacek Caban (for CodeWeavers), John Harvey, Klaas van Gend, Lionel Ulmer, Maarten Lankhorst, Marcus Meissner, Martin Boehme, Niels de Carpentier, Raphael Junqueira, Roderick Colenbrander, RĂ©mi Bernon (for CodeWeavers), Shachar Shemesh, Steven Edwards (for CodeWeavers)

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.


AbortDoc (not documented)

AbortPath (not documented)

AddFontMemResourceEx (not documented)

AddFontResourceA (not documented)

AddFontResourceExA (not documented)

AddFontResourceExW (not documented)

AddFontResourceTracking (stub)

AddFontResourceW (not documented)

AngleArc (not documented)

AnimatePalette (not documented)

Arc (not documented)

ArcTo (not documented)

BeginPath (not documented)

BitBlt (not documented)

ByeByeGDI (stub)

CancelDC (not documented)

CheckColorsInGamut (stub)

ChoosePixelFormat (not documented)

Chord (not documented)

CloseEnhMetaFile (not documented)

CloseFigure (not documented)

CloseMetaFile (not documented)

ColorCorrectPalette (stub)

ColorMatchToTarget (stub)

CombineRgn (not documented)

CombineTransform (not documented)

CopyEnhMetaFileA (not documented)




CreateBitmap (not documented)

CreateBitmapIndirect (not documented)

CreateBrushIndirect (not documented)

CreateColorSpaceA (not documented)

CreateColorSpaceW (not documented)

CreateCompatibleBitmap (not documented)

CreateCompatibleDC (not documented)

CreateDCA (not documented)

CreateDCW (not documented)

CreateDIBPatternBrush (not documented)

CreateDIBPatternBrushPt (not documented)

CreateDIBSection (not documented)

CreateDIBitmap (not documented)

CreateDiscardableBitmap (not documented)

CreateEllipticRgn (not documented)

CreateEllipticRgnIndirect (not documented)

CreateEnhMetaFileA (not documented)

CreateEnhMetaFileW (not documented)

CreateFontA (not documented)

CreateFontIndirectA (not documented)

CreateFontIndirectExA (not documented)

CreateFontIndirectExW (not documented)

CreateFontIndirectW (not documented)

CreateFontW (not documented)

CreateHalftonePalette (not documented)

CreateHatchBrush (not documented)

CreateICA (not documented)

CreateICW (not documented)

CreateMetaFileA (not documented)

CreateMetaFileW (not documented)

CreatePalette (not documented)

CreatePatternBrush (not documented)

CreatePen (not documented)

CreatePenIndirect (not documented)

CreatePolyPolygonRgn (not documented)

CreatePolygonRgn (not documented)

CreateRectRgn (not documented)

CreateRectRgnIndirect (not documented)

CreateRoundRectRgn (not documented)

CreateScalableFontResourceA (not documented)

CreateScalableFontResourceW (not documented)

CreateSolidBrush (not documented)

D3DKMTCheckVidPnExclusiveOwnership (not documented)

D3DKMTCloseAdapter (not documented)

D3DKMTCreateDCFromMemory (not documented)

D3DKMTCreateDevice (not documented)

D3DKMTDestroyDCFromMemory (not documented)

D3DKMTDestroyDevice (not documented)

D3DKMTEscape (not documented)

D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromDeviceName (not documented)

D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromGdiDisplayName (not documented)

D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromHdc (not documented)

D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromLuid (not documented)

D3DKMTQueryStatistics (not documented)

D3DKMTSetQueuedLimit (not documented)

D3DKMTSetVidPnSourceOwner (not documented)

DPtoLP (not documented)

DeleteColorSpace (not documented)

DeleteDC (not documented)

DeleteEnhMetaFile (not documented)

DeleteMetaFile (not documented)

DeleteObject (not documented)

DescribePixelFormat (not documented)

DeviceCapabilitiesEx (stub)

DeviceCapabilitiesExA (stub)

DeviceCapabilitiesExW (stub)

DrawEscape (not documented)

Ellipse (not documented)

EnableEUDC (not documented)

EndDoc (not documented)

EndPage (not documented)

EndPath (not documented)

EnumEnhMetaFile (not documented)

EnumFontFamiliesA (not documented)

EnumFontFamiliesExA (not documented)

EnumFontFamiliesExW (not documented)

EnumFontFamiliesW (not documented)

EnumFontsA (not documented)

EnumFontsW (not documented)

EnumICMProfilesA (not documented)

EnumICMProfilesW (not documented)


EnumObjects (not documented)

EqualRgn (not documented)

Escape (not documented)

ExcludeClipRect (not documented)

ExtCreatePen (not documented)

ExtCreateRegion (not documented)

ExtEscape (not documented)

ExtFloodFill (not documented)

ExtSelectClipRgn (not documented)

ExtTextOutA (not documented)

ExtTextOutW (not documented)

FillPath (not documented)

FillRgn (not documented)

FixBrushOrgEx (not documented)

FlattenPath (not documented)

FloodFill (not documented)

FontIsLinked (not documented)

FrameRgn (not documented)

FreeImageColorMatcher (stub)

GdiAlphaBlend (not documented)

GdiAssociateObject (stub)

GdiCleanCacheDC (stub)

GdiComment (not documented)

GdiConvertAndCheckDC (stub)

GdiConvertBitmap (stub)

GdiConvertBrush (stub)

GdiConvertDC (stub)

GdiConvertEnhMetaFile (stub)

GdiConvertFont (stub)

GdiConvertMetaFilePict (stub)

GdiConvertPalette (stub)

GdiConvertRegion (stub)

GdiConvertToDevmodeW (not documented)

GdiCreateLocalBitmap (stub)

GdiCreateLocalBrush (stub)

GdiCreateLocalEnhMetaFile (stub)

GdiCreateLocalFont (stub)

GdiCreateLocalMetaFilePict (stub)

GdiCreateLocalPalette (stub)

GdiCreateLocalRegion (stub)

GdiDciBeginAccess (stub)

GdiDciCreateOffscreenSurface (stub)

GdiDciCreateOverlaySurface (stub)

GdiDciCreatePrimarySurface (stub)

GdiDciDestroySurface (stub)

GdiDciDrawSurface (stub)

GdiDciEndAccess (stub)

GdiDciEnumSurface (stub)

GdiDciInitialize (stub)

GdiDciSetClipList (stub)

GdiDciSetDestination (stub)

GdiDeleteLocalDC (stub)

GdiDeleteLocalObject (stub)

GdiDescribePixelFormat (not documented)

GdiDllInitialize (not documented)

GdiDrawStream (not documented)

GdiEntry13 (not documented)

GdiFlush (not documented)

GdiGetBatchLimit (not documented)

GdiGetCharDimensions (not documented)

GdiGetCodePage (not documented)

GdiGetLocalBitmap (stub)

GdiGetLocalBrush (stub)

GdiGetLocalDC (stub)

GdiGetLocalFont (stub)

GdiGetSpoolMessage (not documented)

GdiGradientFill (not documented)

GdiInitSpool (not documented)

GdiInitializeLanguagePack (not documented)

GdiIsMetaFileDC (not documented)

GdiIsMetaPrintDC (not documented)

GdiIsPlayMetafileDC (not documented)

GdiPlayDCScript (stub)

GdiPlayJournal (stub)

GdiPlayScript (stub)

GdiRealizationInfo (not documented)

GdiReleaseLocalDC (stub)

GdiSetAttrs (stub)

GdiSetBatchLimit (not documented)

GdiSetPixelFormat (not documented)

GdiSetServerAttr (stub)

GdiSwapBuffers (not documented)

GdiTransparentBlt (not documented)

GdiWinWatchClose (stub)

GdiWinWatchDidStatusChange (stub)

GdiWinWatchGetClipList (stub)

GdiWinWatchOpen (stub)

GetArcDirection (not documented)

GetAspectRatioFilterEx (not documented)

GetBitmapBits (not documented)

GetBitmapDimensionEx (not documented)

GetBkColor (not documented)

GetBkMode (not documented)

GetBoundsRect (not documented)

GetBrushOrgEx (not documented)


GetCharABCWidthsFloatA (not documented)

GetCharABCWidthsFloatW (not documented)

GetCharABCWidthsI (not documented)

GetCharABCWidthsW (not documented)



GetCharWidthA (not documented)

GetCharWidthFloatA (not documented)

GetCharWidthFloatW (not documented)

GetCharWidthI (not documented)

GetCharWidthInfo (not documented)

GetCharWidthW (not documented)

GetCharWidthWOW (stub)

GetCharacterPlacementA (not documented)


GetClipBox (not documented)

GetClipRgn (not documented)

GetColorAdjustment (not documented)

GetColorSpace (not documented)

GetCurrentObject (not documented)

GetCurrentPositionEx (not documented)

GetDCBrushColor (not documented)

GetDCOrgEx (not documented)

GetDCPenColor (not documented)

GetDIBColorTable (not documented)

GetDIBits (not documented)

GetDeviceCaps (not documented)

GetDeviceGammaRamp (not documented)

GetETM (stub)

GetEnhMetaFileA (not documented)

GetEnhMetaFileBits (not documented)




GetEnhMetaFilePaletteEntries (not documented)

GetEnhMetaFileW (not documented)

GetFontData (not documented)

GetFontFileData (not documented)

GetFontFileInfo (not documented)

GetFontLanguageInfo (not documented)

GetFontRealizationInfo (not documented)

GetFontResourceInfo (stub)

GetFontResourceInfoW (not documented)

GetFontUnicodeRanges (not documented)

GetGlyphIndicesA (not documented)

GetGlyphIndicesW (not documented)

GetGlyphOutline (not documented)

GetGlyphOutlineA (not documented)

GetGlyphOutlineW (not documented)

GetGlyphOutlineWow (stub)

GetGraphicsMode (not documented)


GetICMProfileW (not documented)

GetKerningPairs (not documented)

GetKerningPairsA (not documented)

GetKerningPairsW (not documented)

GetLayout (not documented)

GetLogColorSpaceA (not documented)

GetLogColorSpaceW (not documented)

GetMapMode (not documented)

GetMetaFileA (not documented)


GetMetaFileW (not documented)

GetMetaRgn (not documented)

GetMiterLimit (not documented)

GetNearestColor (not documented)

GetNearestPaletteIndex (not documented)

GetObjectA (not documented)

GetObjectType (not documented)

GetObjectW (not documented)

GetOutlineTextMetricsA (not documented)

GetOutlineTextMetricsW (not documented)

GetPaletteEntries (not documented)

GetPath (not documented)

GetPixel (not documented)

GetPixelFormat (not documented)

GetPolyFillMode (not documented)

GetROP2 (not documented)

GetRandomRgn (not documented)

GetRasterizerCaps (not documented)

GetRegionData (not documented)

GetRelAbs (not documented)

GetRgnBox (not documented)

GetStockObject (not documented)

GetStretchBltMode (not documented)

GetSystemPaletteEntries (not documented)

GetSystemPaletteUse (not documented)

GetTextAlign (not documented)

GetTextCharacterExtra (not documented)

GetTextCharset (not documented)

GetTextCharsetInfo (not documented)

GetTextColor (not documented)

GetTextExtentExPointA (not documented)

GetTextExtentExPointI (not documented)

GetTextExtentExPointW (not documented)

GetTextExtentPoint32A (not documented)

GetTextExtentPoint32W (not documented)

GetTextExtentPointA (not documented)

GetTextExtentPointI (not documented)

GetTextExtentPointW (not documented)

GetTextFaceA (not documented)

GetTextFaceW (not documented)

GetTextMetricsA (not documented)

GetTextMetricsW (not documented)

GetTransform (not documented)

GetViewportExtEx (not documented)

GetViewportOrgEx (not documented)

GetWinMetaFileBits (not documented)

GetWindowExtEx (not documented)

GetWindowOrgEx (not documented)

GetWorldTransform (not documented)

IntersectClipRect (not documented)

InvertRgn (not documented)

LPtoDP (not documented)

LineDDA (not documented)

LineTo (not documented)

LoadImageColorMatcherA (stub)

LoadImageColorMatcherW (stub)

MaskBlt (not documented)

MirrorRgn (not documented)

ModifyWorldTransform (not documented)

MoveToEx (not documented)

NamedEscape (not documented)

OffsetClipRgn (not documented)

OffsetRgn (not documented)

OffsetViewportOrgEx (not documented)

OffsetWindowOrgEx (not documented)

PaintRgn (not documented)

PatBlt (not documented)

PathToRegion (not documented)

Pie (not documented)




PlayMetaFileRecord (not documented)

PlgBlt (not documented)

PolyBezier (not documented)

PolyBezierTo (not documented)

PolyDraw (not documented)

PolyPolygon (not documented)

PolyPolyline (not documented)

PolyTextOutA (not documented)

PolyTextOutW (not documented)

Polygon (not documented)

Polyline (not documented)

PolylineTo (not documented)

PtInRegion (not documented)

PtVisible (not documented)

RealizePalette (not documented)

RectInRegion (not documented)

RectVisible (not documented)

Rectangle (not documented)

RemoveFontMemResourceEx (not documented)

RemoveFontResourceA (not documented)

RemoveFontResourceExA (not documented)

RemoveFontResourceExW (not documented)

RemoveFontResourceTracking (stub)

RemoveFontResourceW (not documented)

ResetDCA (not documented)

ResetDCW (not documented)

ResizePalette (not documented)

RestoreDC (not documented)

RoundRect (not documented)

SaveDC (not documented)

ScaleViewportExtEx (not documented)

ScaleWindowExtEx (not documented)

ScriptApplyDigitSubstitution (not documented)

ScriptApplyLogicalWidth (not documented)

ScriptBreak (not documented)

ScriptCacheGetHeight (not documented)

ScriptCPtoX (not documented)

ScriptFreeCache (not documented)

ScriptGetCMap (not documented)

ScriptGetFontAlternateGlyphs (not documented)

ScriptGetFontFeatureTags (not documented)

ScriptGetFontLanguageTags (not documented)

ScriptGetFontProperties (not documented)

ScriptGetFontScriptTags (not documented)

ScriptGetGlyphABCWidth (not documented)

ScriptGetLogicalWidths (not documented)

ScriptGetProperties (not documented)

ScriptIsComplex (not documented)

ScriptItemize (not documented)

ScriptItemizeOpenType (not documented)

ScriptJustify (not documented)

ScriptLayout (not documented)

ScriptPlace (not documented)

ScriptPlaceOpenType (not documented)

ScriptRecordDigitSubstitution (not documented)

ScriptShape (not documented)

ScriptShapeOpenType (not documented)

ScriptStringAnalyse (not documented)

ScriptStringCPtoX (not documented)

ScriptStringFree (not documented)

ScriptStringGetLogicalWidths (not documented)

ScriptStringGetOrder (not documented)

ScriptStringOut (not documented)

ScriptStringValidate (not documented)

ScriptStringXtoCP (not documented)

ScriptString_pLogAttr (not documented)

ScriptString_pSize (not documented)

ScriptString_pcOutChars (not documented)

ScriptTextOut (not documented)

ScriptXtoCP (not documented)

SelectBrushLocal (stub)

SelectClipPath (not documented)

SelectClipRgn (not documented)

SelectFontLocal (stub)

SelectObject (not documented)

SelectPalette (not documented)

SetAbortProc (not documented)

SetArcDirection (not documented)

SetBitmapBits (not documented)

SetBitmapDimensionEx (not documented)

SetBkColor (not documented)

SetBkMode (not documented)

SetBoundsRect (not documented)

SetBrushOrgEx (not documented)

SetColorAdjustment (not documented)

SetColorSpace (not documented)

SetDCBrushColor (not documented)

SetDCPenColor (not documented)

SetDIBColorTable (not documented)


SetDIBitsToDevice (not documented)

SetDeviceGammaRamp (not documented)

SetEnhMetaFileBits (not documented)

SetFontEnumeration (stub)

SetGraphicsMode (not documented)

SetICMMode (not documented)

SetICMProfileA (not documented)

SetICMProfileW (not documented)

SetLayout (not documented)

SetMagicColors (not documented)

SetMapMode (not documented)

SetMapperFlags (not documented)


SetMetaRgn (not documented)

SetMiterLimit (not documented)

SetObjectOwner (not documented)

SetPaletteEntries (not documented)

SetPixel (not documented)

SetPixelFormat (not documented)

SetPixelV (not documented)

SetPolyFillMode (not documented)

SetROP2 (not documented)

SetRectRgn (not documented)

SetRelAbs (not documented)

SetStretchBltMode (not documented)

SetSystemPaletteUse (not documented)

SetTextAlign (not documented)

SetTextCharacterExtra (not documented)

SetTextColor (not documented)

SetTextJustification (not documented)

SetViewportExtEx (not documented)

SetViewportOrgEx (not documented)

SetVirtualResolution (not documented)

SetWinMetaFileBits (not documented)

SetWindowExtEx (not documented)

SetWindowOrgEx (not documented)

SetWorldTransform (not documented)

StartDocA (not documented)

StartDocW (not documented)

StartPage (not documented)

StretchBlt (not documented)

StretchDIBits (not documented)

StrokeAndFillPath (not documented)

StrokePath (not documented)

SwapBuffers (not documented)

TextOutA (not documented)

TextOutW (not documented)

TranslateCharsetInfo (not documented)

UnloadNetworkFonts (stub)

UnrealizeObject (not documented)

UpdateColors (not documented)

UpdateICMRegKey (not documented)

UpdateICMRegKeyA (not documented)

UpdateICMRegKeyW (not documented)

WidenPath (not documented)

gdiPlaySpoolStream (stub)

pfnRealizePalette (extern)

pfnSelectPalette (extern)

pstackConnect (stub)

GetDCHook (not documented)

SetDCHook (not documented)

SetHookFlags (not documented)

__wine_make_gdi_object_system (not documented)

__wine_set_visible_region (not documented)

__wine_set_display_driver (not documented)

__wine_get_wgl_driver (not documented)

__wine_get_vulkan_driver (not documented)

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