Forwards: 0

Variables: 0

Stubs: 3

Functions: 11

Exports-Total: 14

Implemented-Total: 11 (78%)

Documented-Total: 0 (0%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Jason Edmeades, Oliver Stieber, Raphael Junqueira

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.


Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9 (not documented)

PSGPError (stub)

PSGPSampleTexture (stub)

D3DPERF_BeginEvent (not documented)

D3DPERF_EndEvent (not documented)

D3DPERF_GetStatus (not documented)

D3DPERF_QueryRepeatFrame (not documented)

D3DPERF_SetMarker (not documented)

D3DPERF_SetOptions (not documented)

D3DPERF_SetRegion (not documented)

DebugSetLevel (stub)

DebugSetMute (not documented)

Direct3DCreate9 (not documented)

Direct3DCreate9Ex (not documented)

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