__RTDynamicCast  (MSVCRT.@)


 void* CDECL  __RTDynamicCast
  void*      cppobj,
  int        unknown,
  type_info* src,
  type_info* dst,
  int        do_throw


Dynamically cast a C++ object to one of its base classes.


cppobj [In] Any C++ object to cast.
unknown [In] Reserved, set to 0.
src [In] type_info object describing cppobj.
dst [In] type_info object describing the base class to cast to.
do_throw [In] TRUE = throw an exception if the cast fails, FALSE = don't.


Success: The address of cppobj, cast to the object described by dst.

Failure: NULL, If the object to be cast has no RTTI, or dst is not a valid cast for cppobj. If do_throw is TRUE, a bad_cast exception is thrown and this function does not return.


This function is usually called by compiler generated code as a result of using one of the C++ dynamic cast statements.


Not declared in a Wine header. The function is either undocumented, or missing from Wine.

Implemented in "dlls/msvcrt/cpp.c".

Debug channel "msvcrt".

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