VarTokenizeFormatString  (OLEAUT32.140)


 HRESULT VarTokenizeFormatString
  LPOLESTR lpszFormat,
  LPBYTE   rgbTok,
  int      cbTok,
  int      nFirstDay,
  int      nFirstWeek,
  LCID     lcid,
  int*     pcbActual


Convert a format string into tokenised form.


lpszFormat [In] Format string to tokenise.
rgbTok [Out] Destination for tokenised format.
cbTok [In] Size of rgbTok in bytes.
nFirstDay [In] First day of the week (1-7, or 0 for current system default).
nFirstWeek [In] How to treat the first week (see notes).
lcid [In] Locale Id of the format string.
pcbActual [Out] If non-NULL, filled with the first token generated.


Success: S_OK. rgbTok contains the tokenised format.

Failure: E_INVALIDARG, if any argument is invalid. TYPE_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL, if rgbTok is not large enough.


Valid values for the nFirstWeek parameter are:

 Value  Meaning
 -----  -------
   0    Use the current system default
   1    The first week is that containing Jan 1
   2    Four or more days of the first week are in the current year
   3    The first week is 7 days long

See Variant Formats, VarFormatFromTokens.


Declared in "oleauto.h".

Implemented in "dlls/oleaut32/varformat.c".

Debug channel "variant".

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