VarParseNumFromStr  (OLEAUT32.46)


 HRESULT VarParseNumFromStr
  OLECHAR*  lpszStr,
  LCID      lcid,
  ULONG     dwFlags,
  NUMPARSE* pNumprs,
  BYTE*     rgbDig


Parse a string containing a number into a NUMPARSE structure.


lpszStr [In] String to parse number from.
lcid [In] Locale Id for the conversion.
dwFlags [In] 0, or LOCALE_NOUSEROVERRIDE to use system default number chars.
pNumprs [In/Out] Destination for parsed number.
rgbDig [Out] Destination for digits read in.


Success: S_OK. pNumprs and rgbDig contain the parsed representation of the number.

Failure: E_INVALIDARG, if any parameter is invalid. DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH, if the string is not a number or is formatted incorrectly. DISP_E_OVERFLOW, if rgbDig is too small to hold the number.


pNumprs must have the following fields set:

cDig: Set to the size of rgbDig.

dwInFlags: Set to the allowable syntax of the number using NUMPRS_ flags from "oleauto.h".


- I am unsure if this function should parse non-Arabic (e.g. Thai) numerals, so this has not been implemented.


Declared in "oleauto.h".

Implemented in "dlls/oleaut32/variant.c".

Debug channel "variant".

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