VarDateFromStr  (OLEAUT32.94)


 HRESULT VarDateFromStr
  OLECHAR* strIn,
  LCID     lcid,
  ULONG    dwFlags,
  DATE*    pdateOut


Convert a VT_BSTR to at VT_DATE.


strIn [In] String to convert.
lcid [In] Locale identifier for the conversion.
dwFlags [In] Flags affecting the conversion (VAR_ flags from "oleauto.h").
pdateOut [Out] Destination for the converted value.


Success: S_OK. pdateOut contains the converted value.

FAILURE: An HRESULT error code indicating the problem.


Any date format that can be created using the date formats from lcid (Either from kernel Nls functions, variant conversion or formatting) is a valid input to this function. In addition, a few more esoteric formats are also supported for compatibility with the native version. The date is interpreted according to the date settings in the control panel, unless the date is invalid in that format, in which the most compatible format that produces a valid date will be used.


Declared in "oleauto.h".

Implemented in "dlls/oleaut32/vartype.c".

Debug channel "variant".

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