UlPropSize  (MAPI32.77)


 ULONG UlPropSize
  LPSPropValue lpProp


Determine the size of a property in bytes.


lpProp [In] Property to determine the size of.


Success: The size of the value in lpProp.

Failure: 0, if a multi-value (array) property is invalid or the type of lpProp is unknown.


- The size returned does not include the size of the SPropValue struct or the size of the array of pointers for multi-valued properties that contain pointers (such as PT_MV_STRING8 or PT-MV_UNICODE).

- MSDN incorrectly states that this function returns MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED if lpProp is invalid. In reality no checking is performed and this function will crash if passed an invalid property, or return 0 if the property type is PT_OBJECT or is unknown.


Declared in "mapiutil.h".

Implemented in "dlls/mapi32/prop.c".

Debug channel "mapi".

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