TranslateInfStringW  (ADVPACK.@)


 HRESULT TranslateInfStringW
  LPCWSTR pszInfFilename,
  LPCWSTR pszInstallSection,
  LPCWSTR pszTranslateSection,
  LPCWSTR pszTranslateKey,
  LPWSTR  pszBuffer,
  DWORD   dwBufferSize,
  PDWORD  pdwRequiredSize,
  PVOID   pvReserved


Translates the value of a specified key in an inf file into the current locale by expanding string macros.


pszInfFilename [In] Filename of the inf file.
pszInstallSection [In] .
pszTranslateSection [In] Inf section where the key exists.
pszTranslateKey [In] Key to translate.
pszBuffer [Out] Contains the translated string on exit.
dwBufferSize [In] Size on input of pszBuffer.
pdwRequiredSize [Out] Length of the translated key.
pvReserved [In] Reserved, must be NULL.


Success: S_OK.

Failure: An hresult error code.


Declared in "advpub.h".

Implemented in "dlls/advpack/advpack.c".

Debug channel "advpack".

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