TranslateInfStringExW  (ADVPACK.@)


 HRESULT TranslateInfStringExW
  HINF    hInf,
  LPCWSTR pszInfFilename,
  LPCWSTR pszTranslateSection,
  LPCWSTR pszTranslateKey,
  LPWSTR  pszBuffer,
  DWORD   dwBufferSize,
  PDWORD  pdwRequiredSize,
  PVOID   pvReserved


Using a handle to an INF file opened with OpenINFEngine, translates the value of a specified key in an inf file into the current locale by expanding string macros.


hInf [In] Handle to the INF file.
pszInfFilename [In] Filename of the INF file.
pszTranslateSection [In] Inf section where the key exists.
pszTranslateKey [In] Key to translate.
pszBuffer [Out] Contains the translated string on exit.
dwBufferSize [In] Size on input of pszBuffer.
pdwRequiredSize [Out] Length of the translated key.
pvReserved [In] Reserved. Must be NULL.


Success: S_OK.

Failure: E_FAIL.


To use TranslateInfStringEx to translate an INF file continuously, open the INF file with OpenINFEngine, call TranslateInfStringEx as many times as needed, then release the handle with CloseINFEngine. When translating more than one keys, this method is more efficient than calling TranslateInfString, because the INF file is only opened once.


Declared in "advpub.h".

Implemented in "dlls/advpack/advpack.c".

Debug channel "advpack".

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