TabbedTextOutW  (USER32.@)


 LONG TabbedTextOutW
  HDC        hdc,
  INT        x,
  INT        y,
  LPCWSTR    str,
  INT        count,
  INT        cTabStops,
  const INT* lpTabPos,
  INT        nTabOrg


Draws tabbed text aligned using the specified tab stops.


hdc [In] Handle to device context to draw to.
x [In] X co-ordinate to start drawing the text at in logical units.
y [In] Y co-ordinate to start drawing the text at in logical units.
str [In] Pointer to the characters to draw.
count [In] Number of WCHARs pointed to by str.
cTabStops [In] Number of tab stops pointed to by lpTabPos.
lpTabPos [In] Tab stops in logical units. Should be sorted in ascending order.
nTabOrg [In] Starting position to expand tabs from in logical units.


The dimensions of the string drawn. The height is in the high-order word and the width is in the low-order word.


The tabs stops can be negative, in which case the text is right aligned to that tab stop and, despite what MSDN says, this is supported on Windows XP SP2.


MSDN says that the TA_UPDATECP from GetTextAlign causes this function to ignore the x and y co-ordinates, but this is unimplemented at the moment.


Declared in "winuser.h".

Implemented in "dlls/user32/text.c".

Debug channel "text".

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