SetLocaleInfoA  (KERNEL32.@)


 BOOL SetLocaleInfoA
  LCID   lcid,
  LCTYPE lctype,
  LPCSTR data


Set information about an aspect of a locale.


lcid [In] LCID of the locale.
lctype [In] LCTYPE_ flags from "winnls.h".
data [In] Information to set.


Success: TRUE. The information given will be returned by GetLocaleInfoA whenever it is called without LOCALE_NOUSEROVERRIDE.

Failure: FALSE. Use GetLastError to determine the cause.


- Values are only be set for the current user locale; the system locale settings cannot be changed.

- Any settings changed by this call are lost when the locale is changed by the control panel (in Wine, this happens every time you change LANG).

- The native implementation of this function does not check that lcid matches the current user locale, and simply sets the new values. Wine warns you in this case, but behaves the same.


Declared in "winnls.h".

Implemented in "dlls/kernel32/locale.c".

Debug channel "nls".

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