ScriptPlaceOpenType  (USP10.@)


 HRESULT ScriptPlaceOpenType
  HDC                     hdc,
  SCRIPT_CACHE*           psc,
  SCRIPT_ANALYSIS*        psa,
  OPENTYPE_TAG            tagScript,
  OPENTYPE_TAG            tagLangSys,
  int*                    rcRangeChars,
  TEXTRANGE_PROPERTIES**  rpRangeProperties,
  int                     cRanges,
  const WCHAR*            pwcChars,
  WORD*                   pwLogClust,
  SCRIPT_CHARPROP*        pCharProps,
  int                     cChars,
  const WORD*             pwGlyphs,
  const SCRIPT_GLYPHPROP* pGlyphProps,
  int                     cGlyphs,
  int*                    piAdvance,
  GOFFSET*                pGoffset,
  ABC*                    pABC


Produce advance widths for a run.


hdc [In] Device context.
psc [In/Out] Opaque pointer to a script cache.
psa [In/Out] Script analysis.
tagScript [In] The OpenType tag for the Script.
tagLangSys [In] The OpenType tag for the Language.
rcRangeChars[In] Array of Character counts in each range.
rpRangeProperties [In] Array of TEXTRANGE_PROPERTIES structures.
cRanges [In] Count of ranges.
pwcChars [In] Array of characters specifying the run.
pwLogClust [In] Array of logical cluster info.
pCharProps [In] Array of character property values.
cChars [In] Number of characters in pwcChars.
pwGlyphs [In] Array of glyphs.
pGlyphProps [In] Array of attributes for the retrieved glyphs.
cGlyphs [In] Count of Glyphs.
piAdvance [Out] Array of advance widths.
pGoffset [Out] Glyph offsets.
pABC [Out] Combined ABC width.


Success: S_OK

Failure: Non-zero HRESULT value.


Not declared in a Wine header. The function is either undocumented, or missing from Wine.

Implemented in "dlls/usp10/usp10.c".

Debug channel "uniscribe".

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