ScriptItemizeOpenType  (USP10.@)


 HRESULT ScriptItemizeOpenType
  const WCHAR*          pwcInChars,
  int                   cInChars,
  int                   cMaxItems,
  const SCRIPT_CONTROL* psControl,
  const SCRIPT_STATE*   psState,
  SCRIPT_ITEM*          pItems,
  OPENTYPE_TAG*         pScriptTags,
  int*                  pcItems


Split a Unicode string into shapeable parts.


pwcInChars [In] String to split.
cInChars [In] Number of characters in pwcInChars.
cMaxItems [In] Maximum number of items to return.
psControl [In] Pointer to a SCRIPT_CONTROL structure.
psState [In] Pointer to a SCRIPT_STATE structure.
pItems [Out] Buffer to receive SCRIPT_ITEM structures.
pScriptTags [Out] Buffer to receive OPENTYPE_TAGs.
pcItems [Out] Number of script items returned.


Success: S_OK

Failure: Non-zero HRESULT value.


Not declared in a Wine header. The function is either undocumented, or missing from Wine.

Implemented in "dlls/usp10/usp10.c".

Debug channel "uniscribe".

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