NtGdiSetVirtualResolution  (WIN32U.@)


 BOOL NtGdiSetVirtualResolution
  HDC   hdc,
  DWORD horz_res,
  DWORD vert_res,
  DWORD horz_size,
  DWORD vert_size


Undocumented on msdn.

Changes the values of screen size in pixels and millimeters used by the mapping mode functions.


hdc [In] Device context.
horz_res [In] Width in pixels (equivalent to HORZRES device cap).
vert_res [In] Height in pixels (equivalent to VERTRES device cap).
horz_size [In] Width in mm (equivalent to HORZSIZE device cap).
vert_size [In] Height in mm (equivalent to VERTSIZE device cap).


TRUE if successful. FALSE if any (but not all) of the last four params are zero.


This doesn't change the values returned by NtGdiGetDeviceCaps, just the scaling of the mapping modes.

Calling with the last four params equal to zero sets the values back to their defaults obtained by calls to NtGdiGetDeviceCaps.


Declared in "ntgdi.h".

Implemented in "dlls/win32u/mapping.c".

Debug channel "dc".

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