NtGdiGetRegionData  (WIN32U.@)


 DWORD NtGdiGetRegionData
  HRGN     hrgn,
  DWORD    count,
  RGNDATA* rgndata


Retrieves the data that specifies the region.


hrgn [In] Region to retrieve the region data from.
count [In] The size of the buffer pointed to by rgndata in bytes.
rgndata [In] The buffer to receive data about the region.


Success: If rgndata is NULL then the required number of bytes. Otherwise, the number of bytes copied to the output buffer.

Failure: 0.


The format of the Buffer member of RGNDATA is determined by the iType member of the region data header. Currently this is always RDH_RECTANGLES, which specifies that the format is the array of RECT's that specify the region. The length of the array is specified by the nCount member of the region data header.


Declared in "ntgdi.h".

Implemented in "dlls/win32u/region.c".

Debug channel "region".

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