NtGdiExtTextOutW  (WIN32U.@)


 BOOL NtGdiExtTextOutW
  HDC          hdc,
  INT          x,
  INT          y,
  UINT         flags,
  const RECT*  lprect,
  const WCHAR* str,
  UINT         count,
  const INT*   lpDx,
  DWORD        cp


Draws text using the currently selected font, background color, and text color.


x,y [In] coordinates of string.
flags [In] ETO_GRAYED - undocumented on MSDN ETO_OPAQUE - use background color for fill the rectangle ETO_CLIPPED - clipping text to the rectangle ETO_GLYPH_INDEX - Buffer is of glyph locations in fonts rather than encoded characters. Implies ETO_IGNORELANGUAGE ETO_RTLREADING - Paragraph is basically a right-to-left paragraph. Affects BiDi ordering ETO_IGNORELANGUAGE - Undocumented in MSDN - instructs ExtTextOut not to do BiDi reordering ETO_PDY - unimplemented ETO_NUMERICSLATIN - unimplemented always assumed - do not translate numbers into locale representations ETO_NUMERICSLOCAL - unimplemented - Numerals in Arabic/Farsi context should assume local form.
lprect [In] dimensions for clipping or/and opaquing.
str [In] text string.
count [In] number of symbols in string.
lpDx [In] optional parameter with distance between drawing characters.


Success: TRUE

Failure: FALSE


Declared in "ntgdi.h".

Implemented in "dlls/win32u/font.c".

Debug channel "font".

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