NtGdiCombineRgn  (WIN32U.@)


 INT NtGdiCombineRgn
  HRGN hDest,
  HRGN hSrc1,
  HRGN hSrc2,
  INT  mode


Combines two regions with the specified operation and stores the result in the specified destination region.


hDest [In] The region that receives the combined result.
hSrc1 [In] The first source region.
hSrc2 [In] The second source region.
mode [In] The way in which the source regions will be combined. See notes.


Success: NULLREGION - The new region is empty. SIMPLEREGION - The new region can be represented by one rectangle. COMPLEXREGION - The new region can only be represented by more than one rectangle.

Failure: ERROR.


The two source regions can be the same region. The mode can be one of the following:

  RGN_AND - Intersection of the regions
  RGN_OR - Union of the regions
  RGN_XOR - Unions of the regions minus any intersection.
  RGN_DIFF - Difference (subtraction) of the regions.


Declared in "ntgdi.h".

Implemented in "dlls/win32u/region.c".

Debug channel "region".

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