MsiLoadStringW  (MSI.@)


 LANGID MsiLoadStringW
  MSIHANDLE handle,
  UINT      id,
  LPWSTR    lpBuffer,
  int       nBufferMax,
  LANGID    lang


Loads a string from MSI's string resources.


handle [In] only -1 is handled currently.
id [In] Id of the string to be loaded.
lpBuffer [Out] buffer for the string to be written to.
nBufferMax [In] maximum size of the buffer in characters.
lang [In] the preferred language for the string.


If successful, this function returns the language Id of the string loaded If the function fails, the function returns zero.


The type of the first parameter is unknown. LoadString's prototype suggests that it might be a module handle. I have made it an MSI handle for starters, as -1 is an invalid MSI handle, but not an invalid module handle. Maybe strings can be stored in an MSI database somehow.


Not declared in a Wine header. The function is either undocumented, or missing from Wine.

Implemented in "dlls/msi/msi.c".

Debug channel "msi".

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