MsiGetMode  (MSI.@)


 BOOL MsiGetMode
  MSIHANDLE  hInstall,


Returns an internal installer state (if it is running in a mode iRunMode).


hInstall [In] Handle to the installation.
hRunMode [In] Checking run mode MSIRUNMODE_ADMIN Administrative mode MSIRUNMODE_ADVERTISE Advertisement mode MSIRUNMODE_MAINTENANCE Maintenance mode MSIRUNMODE_ROLLBACKENABLED Rollback is enabled MSIRUNMODE_LOGENABLED Log file is writing MSIRUNMODE_OPERATIONS Operations in progress?? MSIRUNMODE_REBOOTATEND We need to reboot after installation completed MSIRUNMODE_REBOOTNOW We need to reboot to continue the installation MSIRUNMODE_CABINET Files from cabinet are installed MSIRUNMODE_SOURCESHORTNAMES Long names in source files is suppressed MSIRUNMODE_TARGETSHORTNAMES Long names in destination files is suppressed MSIRUNMODE_RESERVED11 Reserved MSIRUNMODE_WINDOWS9X Running under Windows95/98 MSIRUNMODE_ZAWENABLED Demand installation is supported MSIRUNMODE_RESERVED14 Reserved MSIRUNMODE_RESERVED15 Reserved MSIRUNMODE_SCHEDULED called from install script MSIRUNMODE_ROLLBACK called from rollback script MSIRUNMODE_COMMIT called from commit script.


In the state: TRUE Not in the state: FALSE


Declared in "msiquery.h".

Implemented in "dlls/msi/install.c".

Debug channel "msi".

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