LookupPrivilegeNameW  (ADVAPI32.@)


 BOOL LookupPrivilegeNameW
  LPCWSTR lpSystemName,
  PLUID   lpLuid,
  LPWSTR  lpName,
  LPDWORD cchName


Retrieves the privilege name referred to by the LUID lpLuid.


lpSystemName [In] Name of the system.
lpLuid [In] Privilege value.
lpName [Out] Name of the privilege.
cchName [In/Out] Number of characters in lpName.


Success: TRUE. lpName contains the name of the privilege whose value is *lpLuid.

Failure: FALSE.


Only well-known privilege names (those defined in winnt.h) can be retrieved using this function. If the length of lpName is too small, on return *cchName will contain the number of WCHARs needed to contain the privilege, including the NULL terminator, and GetLastError will return ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER. On success, *cchName will contain the number of characters stored in lpName, NOT including the NULL terminator.


Declared in "winbase.h".

Implemented in "dlls/advapi32/security.c".

Debug channel "advapi".

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