InternetGetConnectedStateExW  (WININET.@)


 BOOL InternetGetConnectedStateExW
  LPDWORD lpdwStatus,
  LPWSTR  lpszConnectionName,
  DWORD   dwNameLen,
  DWORD   dwReserved


Return connected state.


lpdwStatus [Out] Flags specifying the status of the internet connection.
lpszConnectionName [Out] Pointer to buffer to receive the friendly name of the internet connection.
dwNameLen [In] Size of the buffer, in characters.
dwReserved [In] Reserved. Must be set to 0.


TRUE if connected if lpdwStatus is not NULL, return the status (off line, modem, lan...) in it. FALSE if not connected.


If the system has no available network connections, an empty string is stored in lpszConnectionName. If there is a LAN connection, a localized "LAN Connection" string is stored. Presumably, if only a dial-up connection is available then the name of the dial-up connection is returned. Why any application, other than the "Internet Settings" CPL, would want to use this function instead of the simpler InternetGetConnectedStateW function is beyond me.


Declared in "wininet.h".

Implemented in "dlls/wininet/internet.c".

Debug channel "wininet".

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