IPropData_GetNamesFromIDs  (MAPI32.@)


 static HRESULT IPropData_GetNamesFromIDs
  LPPROPDATA       iface,
  LPSPropTagArray* lppPropTags,
  LPGUID           iid,
  ULONG            ulFlags,
  ULONG*           lpCount,
  LPMAPINAMEID**   lpppNames


Get the names of properties from their identifiers.


iface [In] IMAPIProp object to operate on.
lppPropTags [In/Out] Property identifiers to get the names for, or NULL to get all names.
iid [In] Property set identifier, or NULL.
ulFlags [In] MAPI_NO_IDS=Don't return numeric named properties, or MAPI_NO_STRINGS=Don't return strings.
lpCount [Out] Destination for number of properties returned.
lpppNames [Out] Destination for returned names.


Success: S_OK. *lppPropTags and lpppNames contain the returned name/identifiers.

Failure: MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT, if the object does not support named properties, MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY, if memory allocation fails, or MAPI_W_ERRORS_RETURNED if not all properties were retrieved successfully.


Declared in "mapiutil.h".

Implemented in "dlls/mapi32/prop.c".

Debug channel "mapi".

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