IPropData_DeleteProps  (MAPI32.@)


 static HRESULT IPropData_DeleteProps
  LPPROPDATA           iface,
  LPSPropTagArray      lpTags,
  LPSPropProblemArray* lppProbs


Delete one or more property values from an IMAPIProp object.


iface [In] IMAPIProp object to remove property values from.
lpTags [In] Collection of property Id's to remove from iface.
lppProbs [Out] Destination for problems encountered, if any.


Success: S_OK. Any properties in iface matching property Id's in lpTags have been deleted. If lppProbs is non-NULL it contains details of any errors that occurred.

Failure: MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER, if any parameter is invalid. E_ACCESSDENIED, if this object was created using CreateIProp and a subsequent call to IPropData_SetObjAccess was made specifying IPROP_READONLY as the access type.


- lppProbs will not be populated for cases where a property Id is present in lpTags but not in iface.

- lppProbs should be deleted with MAPIFreeBuffer if returned.


Declared in "mapiutil.h".

Implemented in "dlls/mapi32/prop.c".

Debug channel "mapi".

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