GetTimeFormatEx  (KERNEL32.@)


 INT GetTimeFormatEx
  LPCWSTR           localename,
  DWORD             flags,
  const SYSTEMTIME* time,
  LPCWSTR           format,
  LPWSTR            outbuf,
  INT               bufsize


Format a date for a given locale.


localename [In] Locale to format for.
flags [In] LOCALE_ and TIME_ flags from "winnls.h".
time [In] Time to format.
format [In] Formatting overrides.
outbuf [Out] Destination for formatted string.
bufsize [In] Size of outbuf, or 0 to calculate the resulting size.
See GetTimeFormatA for notes.


Success: The number of characters written to outbuf, or that would have have been written if bufsize is 0.

Failure: 0. Use GetLastError to determine the cause.


Declared in "winnls.h".

Implemented in "dlls/kernel32/lcformat.c".

Debug channel "nls".

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