GetTimeFormatA  (KERNEL32.@)


 INT GetTimeFormatA
  LCID              lcid,
  DWORD             dwFlags,
  const SYSTEMTIME* lpTime,
  LPCSTR            lpFormat,
  LPSTR             lpTimeStr,
  INT               cchOut


Format a time for a given locale.


lcid [In] Locale to format for.
dwFlags [In] LOCALE_ and TIME_ flags from "winnls.h".
lpTime [In] Time to format.
lpFormat [In] Formatting overrides.
lpTimeStr [Out] Destination for formatted string.
cchOut [In] Size of lpTimeStr, or 0 to calculate the resulting size.


- If lpFormat is NULL, lpszValue will be formatted according to the format details returned by GetLocaleInfoA and modified by dwFlags.

- lpFormat is a string of characters and formatting tokens. Any characters in the string are copied verbatim to lpTimeStr, with tokens being replaced by the time values they represent.

- The following tokens have special meanings in a time format string:

  Token  Meaning
  -----  -------
  h      Hours with no leading zero (12-hour clock)
  hh     Hours with full two digits (12-hour clock)
  H      Hours with no leading zero (24-hour clock)
  HH     Hours with full two digits (24-hour clock)
  m      Minutes with no leading zero
  mm     Minutes with full two digits
  s      Seconds with no leading zero
  ss     Seconds with full two digits
  t      Short time marker (e.g. "A" or "P")
  tt     Long time marker (e.g. "AM", "PM")

- To output any literal character that could be misidentified as a token, enclose it in single quotes.

- The Ascii version of this function fails if lcid is Unicode only.


Success: The number of character written to lpTimeStr, or that would have been written, if cchOut is 0.

Failure: 0. Use GetLastError to determine the cause.


Declared in "winnls.h".

Implemented in "dlls/kernel32/lcformat.c".

Debug channel "nls".

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