GetPrinterDriverDirectoryW  (WINSPOOL.@)


 BOOL GetPrinterDriverDirectoryW
  LPWSTR  pName,
  LPWSTR  pEnvironment,
  DWORD   Level,
  LPBYTE  pDriverDirectory,
  DWORD   cbBuf,
  LPDWORD pcbNeeded


Return the PATH for the Printer-Drivers (UNICODE).


pName [In] Servername (NT only) or NULL (local Computer).
pEnvironment [In] Printing-Environment (see below) or NULL (Default).
Level [In] Structure-Level (must be 1).
pDriverDirectory [Out] PTR to Buffer that receives the Result.
cbBuf [In] Size of Buffer at pDriverDirectory.
pcbNeeded [Out] PTR to DWORD that receives the size in Bytes used / required for pDriverDirectory.


Success: TRUE and in pcbNeeded the Bytes used in pDriverDirectory

Failure: FALSE and in pcbNeeded the Bytes required for pDriverDirectory, if cbBuf is too small.

Native Values returned in pDriverDirectory on Success:

  NT(Windows NT x86):  "%winsysdir%\\spool\\DRIVERS\\w32x86"
  NT(Windows 4.0):     "%winsysdir%\\spool\\DRIVERS\\win40"
  win9x(Windows 4.0):  "%winsysdir%".

"%winsysdir%" is the Value from GetSystemDirectoryW.


- Only NULL or "" is supported for pName


Declared in "winspool.h".

Implemented in "dlls/winspool.drv/info.c".

Debug channel "winspool".

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