FoldStringA  (KERNEL32.@)


 INT FoldStringA
  DWORD  dwFlags,
  LPCSTR src,
  INT    srclen,
  LPSTR  dst,
  INT    dstlen


Map characters in a string.


dwFlags [In] Flags controlling characters to map (MAP_ constants from "winnls.h").
src [In] String to map.
srclen [In] Length of src, or -1 if src is NUL terminated.
dst [Out] Destination for mapped string.
dstlen [In] Length of dst, or 0 to find the required length for the mapped string.


Success: The length of the string written to dst, including the terminating NUL. If dstlen is 0, the value returned is the same, but nothing is written to dst, and dst may be NULL.

Failure: 0. Use GetLastError to determine the cause.


Declared in "winnls.h".

Implemented in "dlls/kernel32/locale.c".

Debug channel "nls".

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