FindExecutableW  (SHELL32.@)


 HINSTANCE FindExecutableW
  LPCWSTR lpFile,
  LPCWSTR lpDirectory,
  LPWSTR  lpResult


This function returns the executable associated with the specified file for the default verb.


lpFile [In] The file to find the association for. This must refer to an existing file otherwise FindExecutable fails and returns SE_ERR_FNF.
lpResult [Out] Points to a buffer into which the executable path is copied. This parameter must not be NULL otherwise FindExecutable segfaults. The buffer must be of size at least MAX_PATH characters.


A value greater than 32 on success, less than or equal to 32 otherwise. See the SE_ERR_* constants.


On Windows® XP and 2003, FindExecutable seems to first convert the filename into 8.3 format, thus taking into account only the first three characters of the extension, and expects to find an association for those. However other Windows® versions behave sanely.


Declared in "shellapi.h".

Implemented in "dlls/shell32/shlexec.c".

Debug channel "exec".

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