ExtractFilesA  (ADVPACK.@)


 HRESULT ExtractFilesA
  LPCSTR CabName,
  LPCSTR ExpandDir,
  DWORD  Flags,
  LPCSTR FileList,
  LPVOID LReserved,
  DWORD  Reserved


Extracts the specified files from a cab archive into a destination directory.


CabName [In] Filename of the cab archive.
ExpandDir [In] Destination directory for the extracted files.
Flags [In] Reserved.
FileList [In] Optional list of files to extract. See NOTES.
LReserved [In] Reserved. Must be NULL.
Reserved [In] Reserved. Must be 0.


Success: S_OK.

Failure: E_FAIL.


FileList is a colon-separated list of filenames. If FileList is non-NULL, only the files in the list will be extracted from the cab file, otherwise all files will be extracted. Any number of spaces, tabs, or colons can be before or after the list, but the list itself must only be separated by colons.


Declared in "advpub.h".

Implemented in "dlls/advpack/files.c".

Debug channel "advpack".

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