Extract  (CABINET.3)


 HRESULT Extract
  SESSION* dest,
  LPCSTR   szCabName


Extracts the contents of the cabinet file to the specified destination.


dest [In/Out] Controls the operation of Extract. See NOTES.
szCabName [In] Filename of the cabinet to extract.


Success: S_OK.

Failure: E_FAIL.


The following members of the dest struct control the operation of Extract: FileSize [Out] The size of all files extracted up to CurrentFile. Error [Out] The error in case the extract operation fails. FileList [In] A linked list of filenames. Extract only extracts. files from the cabinet that are in this list. FileCount [Out] Contains the number of files in FileList on. completion. Operation [In] See Operation. Destination [In] The destination directory. CurrentFile [Out] The last file extracted. FilterList [In] A linked list of files that should not be extracted.

Operation If Operation contains EXTRACT_FILLFILELIST, then FileList will be filled with all the files in the cabinet. If Operation contains EXTRACT_EXTRACTFILES, then only the files in the FileList will be extracted from the cabinet. EXTRACT_FILLFILELIST can be called by itself, but EXTRACT_EXTRACTFILES must have a valid FileList in order to succeed. If Operation contains both EXTRACT_FILLFILELIST and EXTRACT_EXTRACTFILES, then all the files in the cabinet will be extracted.


Declared in "advpub.h".

Implemented in "dlls/cabinet/cabinet_main.c".

Debug channel "cabinet".

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