DosDateTimeToVariantTime  (OLEAUT32.14)


 INT DosDateTimeToVariantTime
  USHORT  wDosDate,
  USHORT  wDosTime,
  double* pDateOut


Convert a Dos format date and time into variant VT_DATE format.


wDosDate [In] Dos format date.
wDosTime [In] Dos format time.
pDateOut [Out] Destination for VT_DATE format.


Success: TRUE. pDateOut contains the converted time.

Failure: FALSE, if wDosDate or wDosTime are invalid (see notes).


- Dos format dates can only hold dates from 1-Jan-1980 to 31-Dec-2099.

- Dos format times are accurate to only 2 second precision.

- The format of a Dos Date is:

 Bits   Values  Meaning
 ----   ------  -------
 0-4    1-31    Day of the week. 0 rolls back one day. A value greater than
                the days in the month rolls forward the extra days.
 5-8    1-12    Month of the year. 0 rolls back to December of the previous
                year. 13-15 are invalid.
 9-15   0-119   Year based from 1980 (Max 2099). 120-127 are invalid.

- The format of a Dos Time is:

 Bits   Values  Meaning
 ----   ------  -------
 0-4    0-29    Seconds/2. 30 and 31 are invalid.
 5-10   0-59    Minutes. 60-63 are invalid.
 11-15  0-23    Hours (24 hour clock). 24-32 are invalid.


Declared in "oleauto.h".

Implemented in "dlls/oleaut32/variant.c".

Debug channel "variant".

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