DispInvoke  (OLEAUT32.30)


 HRESULT DispInvoke
  VOID*       _this,
  ITypeInfo*  ptinfo,
  DISPID      dispidMember,
  USHORT      wFlags,
  DISPPARAMS* pparams,
  VARIANT*    pvarResult,
  EXCEPINFO*  pexcepinfo,
  UINT*       puArgErr


_this [In] Object to call method on.
ptinfo [In] Object type info.
dispidMember [In] DISPID of the member (e.g. from GetIDsOfNames).
wFlags [In] Kind of method call (DISPATCH_ flags from "oaidl.h").
pparams [In] Array of method arguments.
pvarResult [Out] Destination for the result of the call.
pexcepinfo [Out] Destination for exception information.
puArgErr [Out] Destination for bad argument.


Call an object method using the information from its type library.


Success: S_OK.

Failure: Returns DISP_E_EXCEPTION and updates pexcepinfo if an exception occurs. DISP_E_BADPARAMCOUNT if the number of parameters is incorrect. DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND if the method does not exist. puArgErr is updated if a parameter error (see notes) occurs. Otherwise, returns the result of calling ITypeInfo_Invoke.


Parameter errors include the following:

 E_INVALIDARG            An argument was invalid
 DISP_E_OVERFLOW         An argument was valid but could not be coerced
 DISP_E_PARAMNOTOPTIONAL A non optional parameter was not passed
 DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND    A parameter was passed that was not expected by the method

This call defers to ITypeInfo_Invoke.


Declared in "oleauto.h".

Implemented in "dlls/oleaut32/dispatch.c".

Debug channel "ole".

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