CreateIcon  (USER32.@)


 HICON CreateIcon
  HINSTANCE   instance,
  int         width,
  int         height,
  BYTE        planes,
  BYTE        depth,
  const void* and,
  const void* xor


Creates an icon based on the specified bitmaps. The bitmaps must be provided in a device dependent format and will be resized to (SM_CXICON,SM_CYICON) and depth converted to match the screen's color depth. The provided bitmaps must be top-down bitmaps. Although Windows® does not support 15bpp(*) this Api must support it for Winelib applications.

(*) Windows® does not support 15bpp but it supports the 555 RGB 16bpp format!.


Success: handle to an icon

Failure: NULL.

FIXME: Do we need to resize the bitmaps?


Declared in "winuser.h".

Implemented in "dlls/user32/cursoricon.c".

Debug channel "cursor".

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