CopyImage  (USER32.@)


 HANDLE CopyImage
  HANDLE hnd,
  UINT   type,
  INT    desiredx,
  INT    desiredy,
  UINT   flags


CopyImage (USER32.@) Creates new image and copies attributes to it.


hnd [In] Handle to image to copy.
type [In] Type of image to copy.
desiredx [In] Desired width of new image.
desiredy [In] Desired height of new image.
flags [In] Copy flags.


Success: Handle to newly created image

Failure: NULL.


Only Windows® NT 4.0 supports the LR_COPYRETURNORG flag for bitmaps, all other versions (95/2000/XP have been tested) ignore it.


If LR_CREATEDIBSECTION is absent, the copy will be monochrome for a monochrome source bitmap or if LR_MONOCHROME is present, otherwise the copy will have the same depth as the screen. The content of the image will only be copied if the bit depth of the original image is compatible with the bit depth of the screen, or if the source is a DIB section. The LR_MONOCHROME flag is ignored if LR_CREATEDIBSECTION is present.


Declared in "mfapi.h".

Implemented in "dlls/user32/cursoricon.c".

Debug channel "cursor".

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