CallWindowProcA  (USER32.@)


 LRESULT CallWindowProcA
  WNDPROC func,
  HWND    hwnd,
  UINT    msg,
  WPARAM  wParam,
  LPARAM  lParam


The CallWindowProc function invokes the Windows® procedure _func_, with _hwnd_ as the target window, the message specified by _msg_, and the message parameters _wParam_ and _lParam_.

Some kinds of argument conversion may be done, I'm not sure what.

CallWindowProc may be used for Windows® subclassing. Use SetWindowLong to set a new Windows® procedure for Windows(tm) of the subclass, and handle subclassed messages in the new windows procedure. The new Windows® procedure may then use CallWindowProc with _func_ set to the parent class's Windows® procedure to dispatch the message to the superclass.


The return value is message dependent.


ECMA-234, Win32


Declared in "winuser.h".

Implemented in "dlls/user32/winproc.c".

Debug channel "msg".

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