AddDelBackupEntryW  (ADVPACK.@)


 HRESULT AddDelBackupEntryW
  LPCWSTR lpcszFileList,
  LPCWSTR lpcszBackupDir,
  LPCWSTR lpcszBaseName,
  DWORD   dwFlags


Either appends the files in the file list to the backup section of the specified INI, or deletes the entries from the INI file.


lpcszFileList [In] NULL-separated list of filenames.
lpcszBackupDir [In] Path of the backup directory.
lpcszBaseName [In] Basename of the INI file.
dwFlags [In] AADBE_ADD_ENTRY adds the entries in the file list to the INI file, while AADBE_DEL_ENTRY removes the entries from the INI file.


S_OK in all cases.


If the INI file does not exist before adding entries to it, the file will be created.

If lpcszBackupDir is NULL, the INI file is assumed to exist in

c:\windows or created there if it does not exist.


Declared in "advpub.h".

Implemented in "dlls/advpack/files.c".

Debug channel "advpack".

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